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Online Learning

Students enrolled at Marianapolis have an opportunity to continue their courses of study in the Marianapolis Summer Session. Participants take online summer classes in order to meet graduation requirements on time, to complete course prerequisites in advance, or to study a particular discipline at an accelerated rate.

"The Summer Session Online is an exciting program to enhance a student's education beyond the typical calendar year. Students can participate from anywhere in the world for a truly unique learning experience.”Jane Hanrahan, Director of Online Learning

2024 marks the 12th year of the innovative Summer Session Online program. Students gain unprecedented access to Marianapolis faculty, curricula, and instruction – from anywhere around the world. The SSO’s blended curriculum model facilitates education through the virtual classroom as well as interpersonal collaboration. Non-native English speaking students also make tremendous progress in our intensive English Language program throughout June and July. 

2024 Summer Session online Dates:
Session I: June 24 - July 17
Session II: July 18 - August 10

Online classes, group meetings, and office hours will be scheduled during weekdays.

Students may sign up for a maximum of two modules per term. Students may elect to audit a course; auditors take the course pass/fail (vs. for a numerical grade). Students who are required to take a course due to a failure during the 2023-24 school year may not opt to audit the module. 

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