International Summer Learners

Camp Stonewall is proud to welcome children aged 8-15 to its International Summer Learners (ISL) program. For 1-6 weeks, kids are immersed in American camp culture: sampling sports, taking the stage, making crafts and building campfires. Camp Stonewall kids are surrounded by the English language every day as they live together with campers and counselors from around the world. The exposure that our ISL campers get to extra-curricular activities is invaluable when they later apply to Western boarding schools that seek creative, dynamic students. It’s the very best of boarding school, the thrill of American summer camp, and the competitive edge for each child’s educational future.

The American summer camp environment is rich with tradition, excitement, and memorable moments. Camp gives kids the chance to explore what they like to do and discover new passions in a safe, nurturing place. At Camp Stonewall, we welcome international campers to immerse themselves this unforgettable experience. Although they are a long way from home, they quickly discover that Camp Stonewall is a family that spans the globe. CSW unites campers and staff, helping them form friendships that truly last a lifetime.

ISL participants venture off site for two weekend-long excursions. This U.S. travel helps broaden their exposure to the northeast and to aspects of American culture. To learn more about these adventure trips, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the International Summer Learners Program

Will my child attend academic classes at Camp Stonewall?
No. All campers participate in activities (athletics, visual arts, performing arts) as well as meals, team building, and residential programming to practice their English.

Will my child receive grades at Camp Stonewall?
No. The Camp Stonewall program is non-evaluative.

How can my child’s English improve if he or she is not studying?
ISL campers spend their time participating. A huge obstacle faced by non-native English speakers is having the confidence and comfort to practice speaking with peers. Here, they do it all day, every day.

Instead of focusing on individual study to achieve a certain grade, our campers learn English through constant interaction with American adults and peers. There is no way to “hide” from practicing English at camp. Campers engage in English practice constantly.

Will Camp Stonewall improve my child’s English?
Yes. Campers are immersed in the English language 100% of the time. Campers who have participated in the ISL program emerged with tremendous growth in vocabulary, fluency, and ability.

Visa Guidelines

International families must pay close attention to the visa parameters for travel from their home country to the United States. Many campers find they will be traveling from countries that are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The comprehensive list of countries includes:

 Andorra  Hungary  New Zealand
 Australia  Iceland  Norway 
 Austria  Ireland   Portugal 
 Belgium  Italy   San Marino
 Brunei  Japan   Singapore 
 Czech Republic   Latvia   Slovakia 
 Denmark  Liechtenstein   Slovenia 
 Estonia  Lithuania   South Korea 
 Finland   Luxembourg  Spain
 France  Malta  Sweden
 Germany  Monaco  Switzerland 
 Greece  The Netherlands  United Kingdom

For more information on qualifications for the VWP and travel procedures from those countries, please visit these sites:

Quick Guide to the Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program Overview

For campers who must acquire a visa in order to travel to the United States, please be advised that you should seek a Pleasure/Tourism Visitor Visa, otherwise known as a (B-2) visa. 

For comprehensive information on the B-2 visa and the acquisition procedure, please click here.

For information on visa application wait times, please click here.  

Please do not hesitate to contact the camp director with questions about the international traveling process.