Camp Tour

Camp Stonewall is located in suburban Thompson, CT. Our 150-acre campus is home to 4 girls' houses and 4 boys' halls, which are populated by our eight bunk groups:

Girls (Grades) Boys (Grades)
Koalas (2-4) Crocodiles (2-4)
Jellyfish (5-6) Jaguars (5-6)
Foxes (7-8) Frogs (7-8)
Gazelles (9-10) Gorillas (9-10)

In addition to our dormitories, the campus holds 3 tennis courts, a gymnasium, a dance studio, a weight room, a dining hall, a blackbox theater, a low ropes course, art studio rooms, a fishing pond, and extensive designated playing fields.

Swimming and kayaking is enjoyed at nearby Quaddick Lake; gymnastics takes place at Deary's Gym in Killingly, CT. Bus transportation is provided (and included).

What does our campus look like? See for yourself - click the image below!

An illustrated map of the campus