A Sample Day at Camp

A typical day at Camp Stonewall might look something like this:

A sample schedule of a single day at Camp Stonewall

Campers choose which activities they want to do every day, and no two schedules are ever the same. All campers see the list of available activities on "choice sheets," and along with the help of their counselors, choose their program for the following day. They can load up on favorites within the same category (eg: athletics), or mix it up, and sample sports, music, dance, dramKids select which activities they want to try every day. Once campers' choice sheets are in, our Program Director builds the schedule for the next day to ensure that activities have the appropriate staff to facilitate each activity. Campers are asked not to switch activities once they've made their choices - unless they want to switch into swimming to cool off on a hot day. To learn more about the activities we offer, click here.