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Signature Programs

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence (COE) aim to enhance a student’s traditional education, while allowing them to become globally engaged in a specific focal area with practical, real-world experience. Through these experiences, students will have a greater understanding of potential career goals and aspirations. Students who choose to pursue this specialized diploma program will select one of three centers: 

Center for Social Justice students will learn to analyze civic concepts such as order, sovereignty, authority, principle, common good, freedom, responsibility, service, individual rights, and participation to become more informed, discerning, engaged, and active citizens within their communities. 

Mark R. Russell '67 Center for Business & Entrepreneurship students will learn the interpersonal, analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills to help ensure productivity in the world of business. 

Center for Innovation students will learn engineering, information technology, medicine, and science to introduce new methodologies for meeting global challenges. 

Distinctive features of the COE program include: completion of specific academic curricula for each center, completion of a supervised internship, participation in the COE seminar, participation in an appropriate LEAP Week course, and completion of a capstone project during the senior year.

Experiential Learning

Photo of a student exploring Bryce Canyon
Experiential Learning at Marianapolis is woven into all areas of school life. Whether it is a weekend Experiential Learning Program trip going back in time to Old Sturbridge Village or a week-long LEAP Week trip to Yellowstone Park, students are learning by doing.


Through LEAP Week, small groups of students explore a specific topic, project, or adventure. Students might find themselves on a simulated mission in Mars at NASA’s Space Camp, getting their SCUBA certification in Florida, planting mangrove saplings in Thailand, or learning how to film and edit a news package at the New York Film Academy’s Broadcast Journalism School. Students have the opportunity to explore a different part of the United States or immerse themselves in a new activity such as movie making, food blogging, or interior design. With over 20 course offerings in various fields of study, students have multiple options to explore their interests. LEAP Week courses are offered in The Arts, Core Study, Personal Challenge, Mission, and Cultural Immersion areas. 

The Experiential Learning (EL) Program is an exciting opportunity for students to continue learning outside of the classroom. EL trips take place throughout the school year, typically on Sundays. Students will travel all around New England, learning things such as paddle boarding, surfing, glass blowing, welding, and much more. 

Online Learning

Online Learning

Students have the opportunity to continue their courses of study through the innovative Summer Session Online program. Participants can choose courses to complete course requisites in advance, study a particular discipline at an accelerated rate, or meet graduation requirements on time. Reinforcement courses are available for students to maintain and retain concepts over the summer months. Online classes, group meetings, and office hours are scheduled during weekdays and students will have assignments that will need to be completed during the weekends.

Course offerings include: 

Bible as Literature
Business Management
Comparative Religion
Computer Science
Mastering the College Essay
Moral Decision Making
SAT Preparation
Social Justice
US History
World History II