Online Book Club at Marianapolis Prep

The Online Book Club invites students to enhance classroom English skills through a three week  online literature course. Custom designed for the age and skills of users, the literature modules provide access to an academic English class designed and taught by Marianapolis instructors. The  module centers around one children's or young adult fiction novel. Course increases reading comprehension and critical analysis proficiency while reinforcing each student's ability to express ideas and insight. Students will receive a virtual orientation for the online book club learning platform. Every student will be confident in the academic expectations for the module and equipped with the technological understanding to succeed. Although courses are non-graded, the instructional tools used in the virtual classroom will empower every student to track their comprehension progress.

How It Works:

Over three weeks, students read independently and login to the online learning platform twice each week. Readers are guided to explore the text through virtual group discussion, age-appropriate comprehension exercises, written responses, and live video conferencing with a Marianapolis teacher. Participants emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the novel and increased confidence as students of English.

Who Is Ready for The Online Book Club?

All students who have a foundation in English or ESL study may participate (for approximately grades 6-9). By prioritizing personalized instruction and immersing students in a blended curricular approach, Marianapolis instructors equip all students with the tools for success in the virtual classroom.


Summer 2017 - The Hatchet by Gary Paulson - click here for a description.


$150.00 for the three week session. School Group rates are available, please contact Jane Hanrahan for more information.


Registration may be completed online for Summer 2017 by clicking here. Space is limited. 


July 10th - July 28th
Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10:00am. 




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