Residential Life

Your house away from home

Maybe you like the college suite-style setup of VSJ, the cozy Victorian aesthetic of St. Albert’s, or the quiet ambience of White House. Whatever your living preference, Marianapolis has a house- or hall-style dorm to match.  

The residential program integrates the comfort of home-style living into the structure of a boarding school schedule. The focus of 7:30-9:30pm study hall is often followed with a game of foosball in the common room or playing fetch with the house parent’s puppy. Celebrations of milestones and birthdays are included among rich campus traditions (like month-long “A Very Marianapolis Christmas” festivities).  And truly nothing beats a game of spikeball out on St. John’s lawn!

Day students are often on campus for dinner and evening activities. They are invited to visit houses and halls during afternoons, for study hall, and even for overnight stays.  


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