Visual Arts

The visual arts department at Marianapolis offers a wide variety of beginning and advanced level courses. Through the exploration of a variety of artistic experiences, the arts department seeks to foster individual growth and self-expression. We are dedicated to honing the young artist’s technical and practical skills, as well as celebrating the power and wonder of imagination. Despite the range of course offerings, the curriculum is designed to meet every student’s needs as they pursue various forms and levels of creation.

With the offering of level courses, some of our most enthusiastic artists may see the art classrooms as a home away from home; a place to retreat whenever the creative spark strikes. For more beginning art students, a foundation course is often their first introduction to a new passion or past time. No matter which end of the spectrum a student may fall, the art department strives to offer a creative setting where individuals can learn proper techniques and explore the fundamentals of design through the study of art and art making.

View the slideshows below for examples of student artwork.

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