Clubs & Organizations

At Marianapolis, students are encouraged to explore their interests outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to choose from over 30 clubs and organizations, and if an interest isn't represented already, students can create their own club. From academics, to sports, to baking and knitting, there is something for everyone. 

Admission Ambassadors

Admission ambassadors are current freshmen who help prospective students experience a day at Marianapolis. Prospective students will spend the day shadowing the ambassador. The ambassador's role is to assist with campus navigation, interact with others, acquaint their shadow with the community and make them feel comfortable during their day on campus.

Art & Comic Club

The Art & Comic Club is for all students who have a love of art and comic books. Members spend time drawing comic book characters, as well as work on creating their own comic book.

Astronomy Club

Open to all members of the community, the Astronomy club explors the celestial world. Opportunities to view the starts and planets are planned both during the day and night.

Chess Club

Open to all skill levels, the Chess Club practices their skills in matches against one another.

Chinese Language & Culture Club

The Chinese Culture & Language Club promotes awareness of the culture and language of China among Marianapolis students and the surrounding community. Chinese language is not required to participate.

Chinese National Honor Society

To gain membership into the Chinese National Honor Society a student must take Chinese for four semesters with an average of B+ or higher and no grade lower than B-. The honor society promotes and recognizes students with good citizenship, leadership, and deeds of community service.

Community Choir

The Community Choir is open to all community members at any skill level. The group picks a different song to learn each week.

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club is open to all students who have a passion for giving back to the community. The club sponsors several events throughout the year including food drives, Homelessness Awareness Night, and Divine Mercy Sunday.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is open to any student interested in writing short/long stories, plays, poetry, etc. The group meets each week to share original work with one another.

Culture Through Film Club

Culture Through Film Club is a discussion group that provides an opportunity to discover more about the wide variety of cultures found in the United States. As America has been known as a melting pot for much of its history, this club provides the chance to discuss the way these cultures interact with the modern American way of life through humorous, light-hearted, and though-provoking documentaries and movies.

Dance Club

The Dance Club is open to any community member who wants to learn or improve their dancing skills.

Dessert Club

The Dessert Club is for anyone with a sweet tooth! The group meets weekly to pick a dessert, develop a shopping list, and then make and enjoy their creation.

Disaster Relief Club

The Disaster Relief Club raises funds for natural or human disasters that happen in our country or around the world. In the past, the club has donated money to hurrican relief, and in the 2014-2015 school year the club dedicated its efforts to Ebola relief. Some events it sponsors include the Flag Football Tournament and the Annual Lock-In.

Girls' Club

Girls' Club is designed to be a location where girls of every grade level can come together and talk about different issues affecting women. From pressures associated with the media, to how to be the best version of ourselves possible, Girls' Club is a place where girls can exhange thoughts and feelings and learn about one another.

History Club

The History Club is open to anyone with an interest in learning about the past. The group discusses areas of interest, making history come alive. The group plans outings to local museums and film festivals.

Knitting Knights

The Knitting Knights is open to all community members who are interested in improving their knitting skills or learning for the first time. Yarn and knitting needles are available for those who do not own them.

Math & Science Center

The Math & Science Center is comprised of student tutors for math and science. The tutors are available daily after school to help other students with homework assignments, or studying for a test.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is open to any student interested in the legal system. Through real case studies, students in Mock Trial act out the cases as "lawyers" and "witnesses." Mock Trial gives students a glimpse into the U.S. legal system.

Model U.N.

The Model U.N. Club simulates functions of the United Nations. Students assume the roles of different countries to reconcile differences of international concern. Each year the group travels to Fairfield University to compete in the Annual Model United Nations Conference.

National Honor Society

Students who are eligible for the National Honor Society are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a 3.3 GPA after a minimum of one full year at Marianapolis. Students must also satisfy the requirements of Character, Leadership, and Service.

Photography Club

Traditional and digital photographers meet to discuss, study and practice various techniques. The group visits local art shows and exhibits.

Ping Pong Club

The Ping Pong Club is open to all students of all skill levels. The group meets to hone their Ping Pong abilities, and compete in tournaments against one another.

Robotics & Engineering Club

The Robotics & Engineering Club is for any student with an interest in robotics or engineering. The club builds and programs robots for competitions regionally and nationally. Plus, the group gets to fly a drone!

Spanish Honor Society

Students who are eligible to join the Spanish National Honor Society must have completed three semesters of Spanish work at Marianapolis with demanding requirements and an overall GPA.

Sports Club

The Sports Club meets once a week to discuss the latest in sports news: Trades and Acquisitions, Playoffs and Championships, and other sporting news.

Stats Club

The Stats Club is for students enrolled in statistics, or students interested in mathematics. The club focuses on solving issues in the real world using statistics.

Tech Innovation Club

The Tech Innovation Club is for any student interested in technology. The group focuses on writing code and using technology to enhance life at Marianapolis.

Writing Center

The Writing Center utilizes student tutors to assist students on their writing assignments.


The Yearbook Club is responsible for creating the annual yearbook. The group collects photos, writes captions, and designs the layout for the yearbook.
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