Marianapolis provides our students with a 21st century educational experience. Students are challenged intellectually, motivated to maximize their potential and given the opportunity to make tangible differences. Our students embrace academic rigor, experiential learning and extracurricular involvement, all while preserving their moral compass and dedication to service. The values-based education that coincides with the school’s Catholic tradition allows for the development of mind, body, and spirit.
Marianapolis graduates life-long learners who matriculate into colleges ready to utilize the skills necessary to positively impact their new communities.  Adopting key “Habits of Mind” ensures that our alumni are well equipped for leadership beyond our campus and understand their role in modeling global citizenship. 
If you are looking to make a choice that will make a difference, make it Marianapolis!

Ninth Grade Experience

With Habits of Mind as the framework of methodology, Marianapolis has two innovative and unique programs for Ninth grade students - The Casimir Seminar and Humanities.

Casimir Seminar

A semester course, the Casimir Seminar is designed to provide a foundation of essential skills and insights that will benefit first year students and enhance their ability to achieve success in their academic and extracurricular careers while at Marianapolis.   

Communication - verbal & non verbal
Articulation - discussion & debate
Skills - collaboration, human dynamics, listening, leadership, followership
Innovation - creative thinking, inventiveness, maker labs
Methodology - how do you form an opinion, supporting and ideas
Information - what are you looking for? Where to find it? How to distinguish good versus bad, ethical use


A year long interdisciplinary and cross-curricular course that blends history, art, theology, and English themes and applications of critical thinking. 

  • Taught and moderated by three teachers during Humanities periods
    • English, History, and Theology
  • Develop and gain analytical, interpretive, and communication skills as well as enduring understanding
  • Understanding the application of content is the desired outcome
  • Modeling collaboration and teamwork with three teachers present
  • Essential Questions:
    • What are the driving influential forces in our world, community and lives?
    • Where do our values come from?
    • How do our values shape our identity, perspective and actions?
    • Is it possible to change one’s value system?
    • How do these questions relate to historical events, literature, religious formation and perspectives and art themes.

View the entire Ninth Grade Experience program here

College Placement

Preparation for college begins with enrollment at Marianapolis. From freshman to senior year, students are supported and guided to make the best decision for their college placement.

Click here to learn more about the college admission process at Marianapolis, and the various programs offered to aid students in this decision.


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About the Character Skills Snapshot:
Character and personal growth are an integral part of a Marianapolis education. Grades and test scores in isolation simply don't tell us a prospective student's story. The Character Skills Snapshot is not required; however, if provided, it offers richer holistic information about a prospective student and illuminates areas where Marianapolis can help your child grow and thrive as a community member. 



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