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Community Service Day a Success
Posted 05/19/2017 01:30PM

By Katherine LeBlanc '18
Media Team

On Friday, May 12th, the entire Marianapolis community gathered to participate in the annual Community Service Day. Each group was separated by advisory for the majority of the day, and sent off to different locations across the local area to lend a helping hand. Advisories helped out at nearby schools, farms, churches, and even a zoo. At the end of the day, the entire school had time to come together to enjoy root beer floats from the Mothers of Marianapolis (MOMs).

A unique facet of Community Service Day this year, was the privilege for groups to choose their own service. Earlier in the school year, each advisory was sent a survey where they indicated their preference of service. Many of the choices ranged from helping the elderly, to recreational locations, to serving local animal shelters. The Community Service Council and Club played a great role in determining these categories, and tried to allow some personal preference. Overall, the survey resulted in great success, as the majority of groups got their first choice of service. The Community Service Council and Club hope to offer the same choices next year, along with new options for Community Service Day 2018.  

"Community Service Day provided me with the opportunity to get to know what myself, my peers, and the MPrep community is capable of accomplishing as a team, along with understanding the needs of the community around us. It is important for the MPrep students to learn outside the classroom and see first-hand how a little kindness can impact someone's day,” reflected Vice President of the Community Service Council, Jacob LaFiandra ‘17. Jacob, in being a member of the Council, played a crucial role in developing the survey system, and made the day possible. The Council, as well as Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Gaudion, and many other faculty members put a lot of time and effort into facilitating the day itself.

Many members of the junior class traveled to New Bedford, Massachusetts to volunteer at Buttonwood Park Zoo. While many helped clean out animal habitats, others did yard work around the outdoor exhibits. Briana Fleming ‘18 recalled her experience, saying “I never thought I’d get to volunteer at a zoo, especially with my school. Being there showed how many options Marianapolis really does provide on Community Service Day.”

A fellow junior, Ava Dussault, volunteered at a local farm where she helped paint fence posts, rake the area, and groom horses. “This Community Service Day was the first time that I have stayed so close to Marianapolis to volunteer. It’s nice to stay nearby, and see how you can make such a difference even in your own town. I’d volunteer anywhere, but it was very meaningful to see how I impacted my own area for the better.”

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