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Spotlight: Math Team
Posted 05/04/2017 09:25AM

By Katherine LeBlanc '18
Media Team

On April 6th, the Marianapolis Math Team traveled to Hartford to compete in the Connecticut State Championship, clinching first place in the Eastern Connecticut State League. Coach Bob Hess reflected on the success of the event saying, he “loves to see them do well at their meets. They’re really amazing, and push themselves extremely hard.”

The Math Team meets daily during the winter season where they run through practice problems of varying levels, going over example questions. Math competition sections are divided into two parts, each having three questions. The first being the individual round, and the second being the team round. The questions and difficulty level directly increase as the rounds go on and involve topics such as arithmetic, number theory, algebra, and geometry. Since it is spring, Math Team no longer meets, but Coach Hess provides the team with practice problems to complete and review. The team seemingly never stops practicing, despite their season being over.

The Math Team itself is split up into two smaller groups, Group A and Group B. Though anyone can join Math Team regardless of their math level, it is useful to have more knowledge in order to be more efficient. With more developed skills, a member is more likely to be on Team A, the competing team. Team B members still have the chance to reach the ranks of Team A during the season, as long as they show improvement and team commitment throughout the season.

Current Captain Zeliang Hu ‘18 has seen the growth of the team throughout his three years as a member, “When I was a sophomore, the seniors were excellent. At that time Math Team only had ten members, now there are around fifteen members. Even though most of them are underclassmen, I still feel the team is growing and becoming stronger.”

As the team becomes more successful, they have developed a stronger group dynamic, more efficient practice techniques, and provided strong foundations for future teams still to come.

In the past, Marianapolis’ most successful Math Team was in 2012. That year, the team won the league, came in third in the state of Connecticut at the State Championship, and tied for first at the New England competition.

The math team continues to grow into a major presence inside and outside of Marianapolis. The final competition was the New England Tournament in Canton, MA on April 28th where the team finished 7th out of 12 teams in the small schools division.

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