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Spotlight: Drama
Posted 02/22/2017 03:46PM

By Reanna Kuzdzal '17
Media Team 

Every day since November, the Irwin Black Box Theatre has been slowly transforming into a theatrical boarding house in Hollywood – the setting for this winter’s production.

Drama is an afternoon activity offered all three athletic seasons, each season with a different set of directors, different cast, and a different show. Director Joe Parodi has been directing for 11 years, since he started at Marianapolis. “Once we know the number of potential actors we have planning on auditioning, we begin to look at plays that fit that number. Another important choice for us is that the play be enjoyable and funny,” he explained. 

Drama entails more than just putting on a show. “Drama is about bringing all these different elements of a production together,” four-year drama veteran Delia Hannon ’17, noted.

“Every aspect of the play - the set, the props, the lights and sounds are all really important to the final product. There are a lot of conversations, discussions, debates, and questions that we [the directors] go back and forth with each time we look to make one.  That can be blocking (the placement and movement of actors), costumes, or even how a character speaks,” Mr. Parodi explained.

Many choose drama because they either have experience with it, want something new to try, or as an alternative to sports. “I really just wanted something new and I knew I already loved doing the musical. I thought it would be fun,” Erin Miller ’17 noted.

Not all who join drama have an interest in being on stage under the lights, but rather in the dark. Those who don’t wish to act can be a roadie, which is a member of the stage crew. They are responsible for setting up each scene and also help with hair, make-up, and costumes. For the members of stage crew, drama provides an opportunity for people to “show what they can do out on the stage, their ability which they really can’t show in a classroom,” Jack Walsh ’18 said. “Watching it all come together and run smoothly is the best part.”

Like any other team, the members of drama become family. “When it comes to the drama community, you’re spending hours and hours on Saturdays, and at night, and at all these crazy dress rehearsals with this same group of people. Its really building this sense of comradery and just coming together to celebrate how much they love what they are doing and feed off each other’s energy,” Hannon commented.

This winter’s production, “A Handful of Rainbows,” opens this Thursday in the Irwin Black Box Theatre at 7 p.m. with additional showings on Friday and Saturday, also at 7 p.m.

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