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The Fund for Marianapolis

The Fund for Marianapolis is the school’s annual fund. Many schools have endowments and annual funds and Marianapolis is no different. When the revenue created by tuition is exhausted, the school draws upon the Fund for Marianapolis in part to:

- Enhance the breadth and depth of the curriculum
- Attract and retain the best faculty and students
- Maintain a safe and beautiful campus
- Make a Marianapolis education more accessible through financial aid grants

The Fund for Marianapolis runs on the school’s fiscal year calendar starting on July 1 and ending on June 30 each year. Please consider making a gift today.

A Small Way to Make a Big Impact

When most people think about charitable giving, they feel pressured to give a large dollar amount all at once. They hesitate to give or they do not give at all because they do not feel they have the money to spare at that time. Most do not ask if there is a way that charitable giving can work for their budget. Monthly giving would allow Marianapolis to either withdraw a small amount from your bank account or make a charge to a credit card monthly, similar to a payroll deduction that would be taken once a month from your paycheck. This would allow a small amount donated over a larger amount of time to grow.  The chart below shows how various amounts can be broken down into a monthly gift. If you would like to renew that gift and increase it by a token percentage, it also shows what that increase would look like per month. All of that adds up to a wonderful annual gift to Marianapolis.

Make a Monthly Gift

Ways to Make a One-Time Gift

Myths & Facts About Giving at Marianapolis