Marianapolis Planned Giving Society

The Marianapolis Planned Giving Society honors those who have provided a lasting legacy for future generations by including Marianapolis in their estate plans.

Tom Dodge '73 has chosen to be a part of the Planned Giving Society so that future generations of Marianapolis students can enjoy the same rich, rewarding experiences that he did.

"Marianapolis has had an indelible impact on me and helped define my being. The Marianapolis experience is focused on intellectual, spiritual, and social development. My years there taught me how to live, to enjoy life, be happy, helpful, productive, and successful."Tom Dodge '73
The Benefits of Planned Giving

With your planned gift, you can realize a number of significant benefits. You can potentially receive a current income tax deduction; avoid long-term capital gains tax; increase income in your effective rate of return; reduce estate and gift taxes; and leave a lasting legacy that benefits others.

By Helping Others, You Can Also Help Yourself

When you become a member of the Planned Giving Society of Marianapolis you will help secure a high-quality education for our students. There are many ways of giving and many ways to tailor your Planned Gift to your individual financial situation. Below we've outlined a variety of gift options. 

Outright Gift

An outright gift of cash is the simplest and most common form of giving to Marianapolis. A gift of cash is not subject to gift or estate taxes, and can be put to work immediately to support the needs of Marianapolis. Other assets, including securities, real estate, closely held stock, life insurance policies, and tangible personal property such as artwork and stamp collections can be donated as well. These gifts provide a charitable tax deduction as well as possible capital gains tax savings.

Memorials & Endowments

You may wish to consider creating an endowment in the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize in perpetuity, or in your own name. As with all gifts to Marianapolis, a memorial gift provides income or estate tax benefits for the donor. Consider establishing a named endowed fund to ensure our future in this way.

Charitable Remainder Trust

When you establish a charitable remainder trust, naming Marianapolis as a remainder beneficiary, you can receive annual income for the rest of your life. Your irrevocable trust can be structured so that you receive either a variable or a fixed amount. The School will receive the balance remaining in the trust after your lifetime. In addition, you will receive an immediate charitable tax deduction for a portion of the value of the assets you use to establish the trust.


A carefully written will ensures that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes to the people and charities you care about. A bequest is the simplest way to make the kind of significant contribution to Marianapolis that might not have been possible during your lifetime and can provide major financial and tax savings for your estate and its beneficiaries.