By financially supporting Marianapolis, you make an investment in the school’s mission. Each year that you give to Marianapolis you are joining hundreds of fellow donors who have a powerful, collective impact on the student experience. Alumni, parents (past and present), grandparents, and friends of the school are all key stakeholders in the Marianapolis community. Our current and future strength depends on your generous support – at any amount that you can give. Potential donors such as foundations and individuals often ask for participation rates as an indicator of the community’s “buy-in” to the school’s mission prior to making a major gift. Your participation in this venture is critical and appreciated.

Myths & Facts About Giving at Marianapolis

Direct Your Gift

You can direct your gift to one of the following areas: 

The Fund for Marianapolis

The Fund for Marianapolis is the most immediate and impactful way that you can make a gift to Marianapolis. It is direct annual support to the School. In the classrooms, the studios, and the playing fields, the Fund for Marianapolis enriches all areas of school life, ensuring the ability to maintain a community-based campus, dynamic programming, and innovative curriculum that make an MPrep experience unique.

When most people think about charitable giving, they feel pressured to give a large dollar amount all at once. They hesitate to give or they do not give at all because they do not feel they have the money to spare at that time. Most do not ask if there is a way that charitable giving can work for their budget. Monthly giving would allow Marianapolis to either withdraw a small amount from your bank account or make a charge to a credit card monthly, similar to a payroll deduction that would be taken once a month from your paycheck. This would allow a small amount donated over a larger amount of time to grow.  The chart below shows how various amounts can be broken down into a monthly gift. If you would like to renew that gift and increase it by a token percentage, it also shows what that increase would look like per month. All of that adds up to a wonderful annual gift to Marianapolis.

Brendan H. McCarthy '85 Technology Fund

Photo of Brendan H. McCarthy '85This endowed fund was created to continuously support new technology not only in the classrooms, but throughout the campus infrastructure. Your contribution will not only help our current students and faculty, but it will also serve to honor Brendan’s memory. 

The General Norman Smith Fund

Photo of General Norman Smith

This endowed fund was created in honor of “General” Norman Smith in an effort to support the Marianapolis athletic program’s annual and long-term needs. He is greatly admired by his students, now alumni, that he coached during his time at Marianapolis and this fund serves to preserve his legacy.  

“General” Smith worked at Marianapolis from 1959 until his retirement in 1969. Before Marianapolis, he was a teacher and coach at Wyoming Seminary in Pennsylvania from 1926 until he was called to active duty in 1941 with the Army. He was the senior Morale Officer on General Patton’s staff “participating in the North Africa, the Sicilian, and the Naples, Foggia campaigns.” He was wounded in 1943 and returned to the States. He was discharged in 1947. He also held positions at The Rectory School, Jug End Barn, Spring Lake Ranch, and Camp Indian Acre. 

While at Marianapolis, he coached football, basketball, and baseball, and served as the Athletic Director. He is credited with helping to build the sports program at Marianapolis. He was nicknamed the “Gen” in honor of his military service and his leadership abilities. He was universally loved by his students, who wrote this about him upon his retirement:

         "The 'Gen' has spent long hours coaching the boys, and aiding 
            each in any individual problem he might have. He has encouraged the 
            teams to celebrate victories, and also to accept defeats. Marianapolis 
            will suffer greatly when he retires in June, but everyone whom he has 
            coached will always remember him."

Sources: “It Was Nothing!” by Phyllis Murriel Smith, “Marianapolis Preparatory School: The First Fifty Years” by John C. Petrauskas, M.I.C.

The Marianapolis Planned Giving Society

The Marianapolis Planned Giving Society honors those who have provided a lasting legacy for future generations by including Marianapolis in their estate plans.

Learn more about planned giving

Keith Myers '86 Opportunity Fund

Photo of Keith Myers '86This endowed fund was created to foster student innovation, initiative, and self-reliance, by helping talented students overcome financial obstacles in the areas of academic, arts, music, athletics and other endeavors/ opportunities. Your contribution will also serve to honor Keith’s memory.

Ebbitt Family Scholarship Fund for Faculty and Staff Children

This scholarship was established by the Board of Directors and is designed to help support faculty and staff children as they matriculate to college from Marianapolis. While many who interacted with Marilyn Ebbitt during her time as Headmistress will remember the motto “For the sake of one child,'' she and her husband Ken '60 also had an unwavering devotion and commitment to the teaching faculty and staff of our School. This scholarship has served as a wonderful way for that legacy to continue in their names. 

Marilyn S. Ebbitt Speaker Series

Photo of former headmistress Marilyn S. EbbittNamed for former Headmistress Marilyn S. Ebbitt, this fund provides resources to welcome impressive and impactful speakers to campus. Past speakers have included American Activist Ralph Nader, the Honorable Robert A. Richardson, U.S. Magistrate Judge of the District Court for the District of Connecticut, and Deputy Director of the Office of International Intellectual Property Enforcement Charles Randolph. 

Annual Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament raises essential scholarship funds to support deserving students.

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Ways to Give


Please make checks payable to Marianapolis Preparatory School and mail to:

Marianapolis Preparatory School
Alumni & Development Office
PO Box 304
Thompson, CT 06277

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Wire Transfer

If you would like to donate via wire transfer, please contact Susan Andersen at or 860-923-9565, ext 227.

IRA Rollover


In order to donate retirement plan assets during your lifetime you would need to take a distribution from the retirement account, include the distribution in your income for that year, account for any taxes associated with the distribution, and then contribute cash to Marianapolis—with one exception. Under The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, Americans over the age of 70½ can distribute up to $100,000 in a calendar year from an IRA to Marianapolis or other charities, tax-free. This distribution to a charity can be a significant benefit for IRA owners who are required each year to take minimum required distributions, which are included in their gross income for income tax purposes. These funds can be unrestricted donations or be used to pay off multi-year pledges, create an endowed scholarship or other permanent fund.

The IRA owner directs the IRA plan administrator to distribute any amount up to $100,000 to charity, the distribution can fulfill the owner's minimum required distribution, but is not included in his or her income for income tax purposes. Although the IRA owner is not entitled to a charitable deduction for the distribution, the distribution benefits charity. 

Click here to download suggested Charitable IRA Rollover Gift instructions to send to your IRA administrator. 

Marianapolis Planned Giving Society

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees. By taking advantage of a company’s matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of your contribution. 

If you are affiliated with a company that will match gifts, please send the matching gift form (obtained from your company’s human resources department) along with your donation to Marianapolis Preparatory School.