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Knights of the Week - 2/20/18
Knights of the Week - 2/20/18

Hanna Scheffler '19

This season Hanna has shown both hard work and leadership throughout the season on girls' thirds basketball. Hanna entered her first game of the season and wasted no time getting a basket, a foul shot, and then a rebound. In addition to Hanna being the team's secret weapon scoring points off the bench each game, Hanna always encourages others to be the best players on the court. Her hard work and dedication to the thirds team shines through in games, in practices, and as the team's Gatorade supplier. This week we are happy to honor Hanna Scheffler, as our Knight of the Week. 

Lucas Yash '20

Lucas Yash has been a leader for boys' thirds basketball all season long. He has captained the team through adversity, both on and off the court. He has led the way in several recent comeback wins and been a model for all of our Golden Knights. Congratulations on being named this week's Knight of the Week.