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COVID Updates

Travel Policy Update 10/28

The health and safety of our community is our utmost concern as we have been taking a conservative approach. This process continues to evolve daily reflecting changes around us. Our Travel Policy discourages non-essential travel to any state listed on the Connecticut Travel Advisory, or a country considered high-risk by the CDC.

Given the increase in cases, we strongly urge our community members to avoid all unnecessary travel. On an ongoing basis, we have been reviewing policies. Effective immediately, the School will follow Connecticut’s 24-hour travel recommendations for any travel to adjacent states affected by Connecticut’s Travel Advisory. You will be exempt from the quarantine process if you, or a member of your household, travel to a neighboring state on the list and return within 24 hours. This advisory also applies to visitors coming into Connecticut from an adjacent state on Connecticut’s Travel Advisory List. 

You will be required to follow the self-quarantine travel protocol if you:

  • Choose to travel to a state listed on Connecticut’s Travel Advisory List, for any length of time, that is not an adjacent state (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York). 
  • Travel to an adjacent state listed on the advisory for a period longer than 24 hours
  • Have a visitor (includes family members) from an adjacent state on the advisory list, who stays for more than 24 hours
  • Have a visitor (includes family members), for any length of time, from a state on Connecticut’s advisory list that is not an adjacent state 

As a reminder, the School reserves the right to change our policy regarding travel to adjacent states at any time in support of community health and safety. 

We expect all faculty, staff, and students to follow the School’s policies and encourage them to limit their exposure to high-risk areas. The decisions made, on and off campus, affect our entire community. We truly appreciate your continued effort to keep Marianapolis a safe environment for everyone. 

Attached is the Travel Policy reflecting the adjustments. Please continue to reach out if you have any questions.