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COVID Updates

Residential Life Update 11/23

Houses/Halls will open at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, January 4th, for students quarantining for two weeks here on campus. Boarding families are responsible for arranging their own transportation from Logan (Boston) airport to campus. Please note only Marianapolis adults and residents may enter a House/Hall. Faculty members will be on hand to support students moving in. 

Boarding students also have the option of quarantining off campus under adult supervision. If quarantining off campus, we will work directly with you on your move-in day and time. 

All students will return to classes, either in person or online, on Tuesday, January 5th. 

At this time, extracurricular activities will begin on January 11th. If that delay extends past the 11th, the School will update the community. 

Please note, boarding students moving onto campus will undergo the same testing requirements as posted earlier this year (below). Boarders quarantining on campus will receive their second test through the School’s Health Office. Boarding students quarantining off campus will be responsible for their own testing. 

Testing for the COVID-19 virus will be required prior to arrival to campus for our boarding/residential staff population. Based on the State of Connecticut recommendations, all boarding students must submit a negative COVID-19 test conducted 14 days (or less) before arriving on campus. The test results must be emailed to the School before the student will be permitted to move in. A second negative test, 7-10 days after the first, is also required. Please see the COVID section of our website for more details on accepted tests. 

Residential Life in 2021: 

We anticipate boarding students, currently on campus, remaining in their assigned rooms for the second half of the year. 

We foresee students, both those returning to campus and those arriving to campus for the first time, having roommates beginning in January 2021. In placing students in rooms, we will look at room size as well as other factors. We will work with students to understand their preferences when making placements. Please note that if a roommate is symptomatic or deemed a close contact, their roommate(s) may be required to follow the same protocol including, but not limited to, a quarantine period and attending classes online. 

Boarding students will complete and submit a google form, twice daily, to our Health Office. This begins on their first day of quarantine and continues through their time on campus. This is a school requirement. 

Robust weekend activities are expected to recommence with a continued commitment to honoring student voices and interest in planning. We seek to support both the physical and mental health of our community; feedback from students, this fall, has been incredibly helpful in planning our program choices. 

We anticipate limited and local off campus opportunities to continue (Target, Walmart, etc.). When utilizing school transportation, social distancing and masks are required, and boarders will travel with others in their House or Hall only. If a yellow school bus is utilized, House/Hall groups may be combined as additional distancing is possible. We recognize many of our students have traveled to the United States intending to experience culture off campus. As it becomes safe to do so, hopefully, we will extend trips to Boston and other places this spring. 

We anticipate if a student travels home, or to a host family off-campus, they will need to follow the same return to campus protocol as upon arrival in January (period of quarantine and submission of tests). 

Family members and friends are welcome to visit a student on campus. These visits should be arranged ahead of time and take place in approved spaces outside of the House/Hall.