Student FAQs

Yes. While the term may not be equal to the time spent in the classroom during a semester-long course, all goals and objectives will be met. After successful completion of the trimester course, the student will receive 0.5 credits. All full-year courses will remain as a 1 credit course value.

Marianapolis is actively planning for a return to competitive athletics in the fall as well as non-competitive activities for students on campus.

The fall interscholastic season may proceed in full; it may be abridged.

If competitive athletics are not possible, the school will offer alternative activities during the afternoons for students. These will include non-competitive on site activities (i.e. drama) as well as intramural sports.

In the event that competitive sports are not possible, many on-campus activities will focus on skill development in support of athletes' growth, in addition to strength and conditioning. Coaches of each sport will continue to work with athletes in support of their targeted goals.

At this time, we will not allow additional course selection. The trimester model is developed to support the students through any necessary accommodations associated with the COVID-19 situation. More specifically, this allows three terms to fulfill graduation requirements while providing a reduced course load at any particular time if needed.

We will look to schedule our community through the lunch period in small groups, utilizing various areas on our campus to enjoy the meal.

Yes, these are the same courses as those offered during the traditional in-person school year. English Language History refers to the English I Geography course and the World History I course for our English Language Learners. We are offering a Virtual Class for those who cannot be on campus, from 6:30 - 8:10 a.m. (EDT). Once students are able to join us on campus, they can easily transition to the 8:15-12:20 class periods. This time in the early morning (for us) will support students in all time zones.

That is correct. For those students mainstreamed into all courses (based on their English Language acquisition), they will still experience the diversity of all their peers together in class. Our enhanced technology options will support those on-campus and virtual at the same moment, in the same class period.