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COVID-19 Information



We Are The Knight

Chapter One: Social Distance

Chapter Two: Academic Transitions

Chapter Three: Campus Access

Chapter Four: Traffic Flow

Preparing for 2021-2022

For COVID-19 information for the 2021-2022 school year, please see the COVID-19 Information resource on the Knight's Hub

Preparing for 2020-2021

Marianapolis is preparing to reopen campus in Fall 2020. Constituent safety is our top priority. We are planning – daily and exhaustively – for a return to living and studying together on site. Every aspect of the Marianapolis experience is being reviewed and restructured to ensure a healthy and safe 2020-21 school year. We will continue to refine contingency protocols, should a change in COVID-19 conditions – or federal and state guidelines – occur. We fully anticipate the use of hybrid community  models, so that both virtual and face-to-face learning can meet the needs of every single student, especially those who may not be able to join us immediately come fall. 

Reopening Campus

The COVID-19 Task Force

Who is the team making COVID-19 decisions for Marianapolis? Please click below to learn more.