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Campus Ministry

Pastoral Ministry at Marianapolis

The mission of Marianapolis Preparatory School is to educate students in the Catholic tradition of academic excellence, with a commitment to an active faith in God and a dedication to building character with content, compassion, and integrity.

Ministry is a cornerstone of this mission, as it is by being unconditionally loved and welcomed that students may receive content, experience compassion, and build personal and collective integrity.  Rooted firmly in knowledge of the love God has for each individual, the aim of all ministry at Marianapolis is to create an environment in which students are known, nurtured and loved - and then encouraged to give these gifts in a spirit of service to others. 

Marianapolis takes a pastoral approach to ministry, through which students are met wherever they are - from Catholic to not religious at all - and are offered accompaniment as they explore and build relationships with self, others, and God. A wide variety of Campus Ministry-sponsored events provide opportunities for exploring topics such as gratitude, seeking and finding meaning in everyday life, service, and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  All are welcome in Campus Ministry, and we are a vibrant, responsive, student-led organization that seeks to minister to one another, our Marianapolis community, and the world at large.

Campus Ministry programming is introduced to students early in their first year, and a variety of retreat experiences are offered ongoingly to students of all grade levels. These include Spark mini-retreats held during the academic day, evening Quest retreats, Sunday IgKnight retreats, and overnight Kairos retreats.  Retreats are planned by Spiritus student leaders with the support of the Campus Ministry Director and school Chaplain, and all Marianapolis community members are welcome to attend.

For those seeking a full, sacramental Catholic experience at Marianapolis, we offer optional daily Mass, First Friday and Holy Day Masses for the full community, weekly access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Penance Services during Advent and Lent, community prayer such as the weekly Rosary, opportunity for training and service as Eucharistic Ministers, as well as other ways to serve at community Masses.

Students who are not Catholic but are interested in serving at community Masses as readers or altar servers, or in Spiritus leadership positions for planning and facilitating retreats, are encouraged to get involved with Campus Ministry and find their place according to personal interest.  

Equally important, we appreciate the diversity within our community and celebrate the plurality of experiences and perspectives this brings.  Applying our pastoral lens, we recognize students may not be familiar with the Catholic tradition and that the principles of Catholic Social Teaching may look and feel different for each of us.  Our SHIELD Office (Students Honoring Inclusion, Equity, Love, and Diversity) provides another space where students can talk about their experience in a safe and welcoming environment and find strength and support both within and beyond their Marianapolis experience. 

Please contact Father Tim Roth – Chaplain, Adrienne Fournier – Director of Campus Ministry, or David DiCicco – Head of School, with any questions or to further discuss ministry at Marianapolis.


At Marianapolis, service is an integral tradition of our learning experience. Students find opportunities to impact their local and global communities annually.

Among others, service traditions include: 

  • Relay for Life

  • Homelessness Awareness Night

  • Turkey Dip for Muscular Dystrophy

  • Holiday Food Drive

  • Red Cross Blood Drive

  • Disaster Relief Outreach 

The school fosters an appreciation for service through Residential Service Sunday and Rake Day, traditions that help students give back to the MPrep community. 

The Disaster Relief Club raises funds through various bake sales and events on campus to support those affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. On the weekends, students have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community at the Matulaitis Nursing Home as well as the Paws Cat Shelter. Other service opportunities sponsored by Marianapolis student groups include the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, and the Turkey Dip to raise funds for Camp Quinebaug. Within academic programs, service opportunities are also found such as Mission: New Orleans and Mission: Appalachia, both LEAP Week offerings. Students are encouraged to get involved at any level in the numerous service opportunities available.

Retreat participants surrounding the alter and Father Tim Roth


Salvete: Liturgical Service

Salvete is a student led group that is responsible for staffing all full-school masses throughout the year. Students are trained as Lectors, Altar Servers, Greeters, and Eucharistic Ministers twice a year - in September and January. Salvete is open to students of all grades and of wide-ranging liturgical backgrounds. 


Knight Vision Retreat: The 9th Grade Experience

During orientation, each 9th grade student participates in the Knight Vision Retreat. After a prayer service with their families, the freshmen travel off campus for a day long experience. The goal of the Knight Vision Retreat is to establish the importance of faith in the Marianapolis experience. 

igKNIGHT Retreat: Open to All

Our igKNIGHT retreat offers students the option to devote a whole day, an overnight, or an entire weekend to their faith journey. Led by the Spiritus Leaders, these retreats promote an atmosphere of trust and healthy vulnerability in which students are encouraged to share their life stories and questions of faith. While the theme and structure of each igKnight varies with many fun activities woven in, the main thread is student and staff talks followed by small group discussions centered around the ideas of Gratitude, Obstacles, and Finding God. These retreats - offered at various times throughout the year - are open to all students and fulfill the junior, senior, and PG faith experience requirement. 

Quest: Open to All

Twice a month students have the opportunity to attend a "mini retreat" called Quest. Like the name suggests, these retreats are about searching for truth and the deeper meaning of life. Guided by the light of faith and personal experience we are on a Quest for Wisdom. Our Quest begins with peer reflections and ends with meaningful conversations in the form of small group discussions facilitated by Spiritus Leaders. These "mini retreats" also fulfill the junior, senior, and PG faith experience requirement.


"Kairos" is the Greek word for "the right time" and has become synonymous with the nationally recognized "Kairos" Retreat run in many Catholic schools across the country. It is set up as a series of student-led talks, small group discussions, prayer, reflection, and group affirmations at the end of the retreat. A penance service is offered on the final evening. It is an incredibly powerful experience and also fulfills the junior, senior, and PG faith experience requirement. 

Spiritus: Student Leadership

Spiritus is a student-led group that assists with all class retreats and other Campus Ministry related initiatives throughout the year. Spiritus leaders are selected as part of the student leadership application process in the late winter/early spring.

Pastoral Care

During lunch, the Ministry Space is open for students to connect with peers, Campus Ministers, and God. 

Our campus Chaplain, Father Tim Roth, is available by request to hear confessions.  Additionally, the Campus Ministers can meet with students for direction and guidance.  

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