Swimming - Co-Ed Varsity

For the 4th season of the swim team, coaches Roesler and Curtis look forward to continuing to build a positive athletic atmosphere; one where any level of athlete is accepted and encouraged to grow through self-improvement goals during the season and throughout the remainder of their time at Marianapolis. We will continue to encourage this acceptance in and out of the pool with good sportsmanship and appreciation of the hard work it takes to do well in any sport. 

We will work to encourage inclusivity as a team, and also an appreciation for the other teams and their athletic abilities. 

With a strong foundation built over our first four seasons, we look forward to increasing our success as some of our swimmers have been working towards being our first set of 4 year varsity athletes:  A. Robert ‘20 and Captains J. Crosby ‘20 and J. Sarantopoulos ‘20. Combining the strength of our veteran swimmers and new swimmers, we are excited for a competitive season.