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Badminton - Co-Ed Varsity

Marianapolis CoEd Varsity Badminton is eager for what looks to be an exciting season.  We will begin with an all day tournament for the 2022 MASSBAD High School Team Doubles Championships and follow it up with a team match against MacDuffie School.  We are a combination of hardcore veteran players having up to 8 years of previous experiance, decently competative players with mostly recreational experience and several players picking up a Badminton racquet for the first time.  Shared amongst all our players is a readiness to work together and improve.  Most appreciated is the way in which our more experienced players are encouraging and strengthening our newcomers.   


For our opening tournament captains Thu Hoang ‘23, Nhi Duong ‘24, and “Leo” Zhu ‘23 helped to create a strong line up for our first “tie” with Seniors Duong Lang and Trung Dang playing first and second boys singles and first boys doubles respectively.  Junior Thu Hoang will take on girls singles and later pair up with senior Duy Chu for first mixed doubles.  Juniors “Bernie” Zhu and “Li” Li are teaming up for second boys doubles and Sophomore “Angela” Li is joining Freshman Maddie Joyce for girls doubles. Maddie will be also competing in the third mixed doubles with fellow Freshman Nick Boligan.  Lastly, Seniors Tien Nguyen and Minh Dao are partnering up for second mixed doubles.  Additional team members include Freshmen: Sophia DiPietro, Kira Gillete, Norah Larson, Lucas Mariani, Sophomore “Lynne” Wang and Senior Tran Le, who have been showing much promise in practice and are excited to join in competition when we take on MacDuffie School in regular season opener.