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Indoor Track and Field - Co-Ed Varsity


This season, the Indoor Track team focused on team building moments and conditioning fun. In practice, the team enjoyed a healthy mix of tough conditioning days and Mental Health fun days. In the early part of the season, we spent our afternoons at the track working on conditioning and throwing. Due to the shift in weather and significant snowfalls in January, our practices went indoors where we worked on conditioning through a variety of different types of high intensity workouts. We also built in fun days where we spent time bonding as a team by playing outside in the snow and also taking part in team competitions. Overall, this season offered creative opportunities to build physical strength and deepen our relationships with our teammates. Our senior leaders, C. Faiola ‘21, M. Hoban ‘21, and E. McQuiston ‘21 stepped up this year with positive attitudes and creative ideas to make the season better.  They will be greatly missed next year! We also welcomed some new faces to the team and are excited to welcome back all of this season’s new and returning athletes to the Indoor Track team next year!--