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Volleyball - Girls' IIIs

Record: 0-9

Under the guidance of captains, N. Nguyen ‘20, A. Tourtellotte ‘21 and O. Duquette ‘22, the girls showed incredible improvement and determination.  Starting the season with many players who had never been on a volleyball court, meant building up from the basics. As a team, these girls worked together to gain respect for and trust in each other, both on the court and off of it. The ability of every player to bump, pass and hit a volleyball with precision and accuracy has increased exponentially, allowing for even greater development as they continue through the program.  

Manager U. Duong and assistant coach, Cosmo Quercia, were integral to the work of the girls. Ensuring that drills ran smoothly and that every ball was chased down. Cos was also lead to the integration of many great cheers and innumerable stories. At the end of this season, we are sad to see our seniors depart, but we look forward to the continued growth and development of our players and the program.