Tennis - Boys' Varsity

Led by co-captains Mingyou Xu '20 and Christian Terwilliger '22, the Golden Knights look to improve upon a somewhat subpar year as they go for glory in the spring of 2020.

     Four new arrivals should really help the program.  Aleksandar Poturica (PG), Drew Andrianopolous '23, Thomas Soares '21, and Vincent Bourgeois '22 all come to Marianapolis with prior tennis experience.  Poturica and Andrianopolous, in particular, are accomplished players and will be expected to match up well with some of the best competition in the New England prep school ranks.

     Xu and Terwilliger demonstrated mental and physical toughness in a host of matches last year, and will compete for both singles and doubles opportunities.

     The 12 match slate includes the usual tough opponents such as Beaver Country Day School, Worcester Academy, Portsmouth Abbey, and St. Andrew's School.