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Basketball - Boys' IIIs

During the Winter 2022 season, Boys Thirds Basketball put up a strong effort with a final record of 5 wins to 5 losses. Starting from the bottom and requiring a lot of coaching and training, the boys struggled to a large degree during their early games, often being defeated by their opponents. However, they worked hard as a team, and learned to play hard, work to their own strengths, and, most importantly, how to stick together and overcome a stronger opponent. While every person on the team stepped up when they were needed, and all of them should be proud of their contributions, there are some who truly went above and beyond who we would like to recognize. C. Eggen '25 remained a strong scorer in every game we played. C. Tong '22 was another tremendous asset to our team, performing extremely well under pressure and pushing himself to work hard throughout the entire season. J. Veader '25 and H. Swadia '25 provided strong team support, whether in ball-handling, keeping strong defensive pressure, or cashing in on scoring opportunities. And K. McCleod '22 was a strong and stable leader, setting a great example for everyone else on the court, and giving his all both on offense and defense. 


We would also like to offer a few honorary awards for some of the outstanding performances of members on our team:

  • We would like to award MVP to Chase Eggen '25 for being a reliable player who seemed to excel at every end of the court.
  • We would like to award Golden Knight to Jacob Mobley '22 for his positive attitude and motivating presence on the team to encourage people to keep trying their best.
  • We would like to award Most Improved to Caesar Zhu ’22. From manager to teammate, Caesar has been a dependable member of our team. Starting the more formal part of his training as a player later than most of the rest of his team, Caesar quickly stepped up and learned how to work with and support his teammates.
  • And we would like to award Defensive Players of the Season to Alejandro Cetto '23 for his overwhelming presence as both a defender and a rebounder whenever he is on the floor, and Keegan McCleod '22 for his strength and cognition which he constantly made use of in order to find rebounds and challenge the offense.


We are very excited for next year!