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Soccer Soccer - Girls' Junior Varsity
Rectory School
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Win 8-0


Girls JV celebrated their parent and family weekend by taking an 8-0 lead over Rectory on Saturday. The first half saw 3 goals scored by Gabriella Fung ‘22, Colleen Murphy ‘23, and Emma Blanchard ‘23. The girls worked hard to support one another up the field and played excellent defense ensuring Rectory did not manage a score on the goal within the first half. In the second half, the team saw goals by Kylie Miller ‘21, Melania Marrufo ‘21, Kate Landis ‘23, Ashley Giorgio ‘22 and Valentina Mena ‘22. A commendation goes out to Kylie Miller took a turn in the goal for the first time and made a save. Congratulations to the team for playing a clean game and maintaining a high level of sportsmanship throughout the match.