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Soccer Soccer - Girls' Junior Varsity
Suffield Academy
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Loss 3-1

Junior Varsity girls played an amazing game against Suffield Academy this Saturday. They came out with high spirits and determination and gave it their all. The first half ended with a 2-0 in Suffield’s favor, however the second half saw Marianapolis JV coming out with a desire to score. The Tigers beat them to it, making it 3-0. Midfielders Morgan Beaudreault, '22, and Camille Larson, '23,  never stopped working to win back the ball and feed it to the offense, while strikers Gabriela Fung, '22, and Kylie Miller, '21, continuously ran the ball toward the goal recovering quickly from the knocks they received along the way. The second half of the match saw Marianapolis’ JV team playing cohesively, talking and passing excellently and maintaining possession for most of the half. Strong congratulations must be given to Claire Kelleher, '22, Emma Russell, '23, Ashley Giorgio, '22, and Valentina Mena, '22, for pulling up the defense and ensuring that Suffield did not have a chance to run up more goals. With 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, the strong efforts of the team finally paid off as Melania Marrufo scored a long-awaited goal assisted by Colleen Murphy. 

CHANGED: This event has changed.