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Soccer Soccer - Girls' Junior Varsity
Barrington Christian Academy
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YMCA - Swansea
YMCA - Swansea
271 Sharps Lot Rd
Swansea, MA 02777
Tie 1-1

The Girls JV team played their inaugural game of the season against Barrington Christian Academy. The girls played a strong first half, with superb defending from Claire Kelleher, '22, and Emma Russell, '23. A solid effort was made by our offense: Camille Larson, '23, Gabriela Fung, '22, and Kylie Miller, '21, who tirelessly made many attempts on goal. The second half began with a breakaway by Barrington resulting in a 0-1 score. However, the MPrep keeper, Colleen Murphy, '23, was not defeated by this and worked hard to stop a number of shots during the second half of the match. The tail end of the second half brought a number of breakaway shots on Barrington's goal by Melania Maruffo, '21, but it was our first half goalie, Kate Landis, '23, who managed to score the seasons’ first goal! An enthusiastic congratulations goes out to Kate as well as the entire JV team for their enthusiasm, high spirits and team effort.