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Lacrosse Lacrosse - Girls' Varsity
Lexington Christian Academy
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26 Chase Rd.
Thompson, CT 06277
Loss 6-3


Girls' Varsity Lacrosse played one of their most impressive games of the season by far today.  Despite the ending score of 6-3 in favor of LCA, MPrep was like a swarm of bees on the field against the visitors.  They made excellent midfield transitions, picked up double teams full field and had an impressive defense in the zone and hard shots on offense.

Freshman Cass Belsito stepped in as Goalie and lit up the goal with amazing defensive moves, 15 saves and added to the already stellar defense from juniors Eva Dellea, Ava Laroche and Mary Wall.

Sophomore Jill Reardon showed LCA how it's done with over 10 interceptions and turnovers to MPrep possession.  She was a key player in moving the ball up field and adding to the pressure on the LCA offense.

Freshman Gabby Fung had a great first goal for the Knights and junior Julia Kilroy put two on net that could be described as nothing but amazing! 

Another notable player of the game was sophomore Kylie Miller on defensive wing who also had some great interceptions.

The Knights look forward to a bit of a break and their next game.