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Tennis Tennis - Girls' Varsity
Ethel Walker School
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Ethel Walker School
Ethel Walker School
230 Bushy Hill Rd
Simsbury, CT 06070
Loss 7-0

After snowflakes and 30s in Chestnut Hill last night, GVT traveled to Ethel Walker, Simsbury today where they were greeted by sunny skies and 60 degrees, and an always game opponent.  The Lady Knights succumbed 7-0 at Ethel Walker, but showed improvement in point play and did better in the unforced errors department.

Shuri Okada, playing at #4 Singles, was our standout today, recovering from a lopsided 1st set to nearly steal a hard-fought 2nd set and battled many deuces in the key game at 4-5.


1) Gautami Melekate EW def. Emma Allen MP, (6-1), (love-40; retired)

2) Marta Brennan EW def. Emily Dodos MP, (6-1), (6-1)

3) Soph Greggains EW def. Ellen Liu MP, (6-1), (6-2)

4) Brodie DeLorey EW def. Shuri Okada MP, (6-0), (6-4)


1) Alice Zhao + Sisi Feng EW def. Michelle Zhou + Ashley Han MP, (1-0, 15-40; retired - illness)

2) Tracy Chen + Jane Li EW def. Queenie Qu + Haipei Yang MP, (6-0), (6-0)

3) Daisy Zhang + Sabrina Gries EW def. Linh Mai + Anne Dao MP, (6-1), (6-1)

Shout-outs and thanks to our parents and grandparents who made the trek west for today's match!

The Lady Knights return to practice in Thompson this week before traveling to Winchendon School for our next match on April 17th at 3 PM.