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Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Room Managers

The mission of the Marianapolis Preparatory School Department of Sports Medicine is to provide high quality medical treatment to all student athletes at every level of competitive play, while educating each about a sustained, healthy lifestyle.

The Department of Sports Medicine is directed by Head Athletic Trainer Richard Drew, who is a board certified, state licensed healthcare provider specializing in the acute care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The Head Athletic Trainer’s office is in the Athletic Training room, located on the first floor of the Athletic Complex next to the girls’ locker room. The Athletic Training room is open and staffed Monday through Friday 2:30 p.m.– 6 p.m., with extended hours on Wednesdays, opening at 1 p.m. The Athletic Training room is also open on the weekends during varsity game time, or by appointment.

An athletic trainer will be on site for all varsity home games and on call for any other hosted athletic event. The Department of Sports Medicine is available for basic taping before games, emergency response (first aid) and evaluation during games, and ice after games. Water and cups will be provided for visiting teams during the winter season only. During the fall and spring seasons visiting teams must provide their own water but Marianapolis will fill up coolers when they run out.


Richard Drew

Richard Drew

Head Athletic Trainer