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The Marianapolis education continues on athletic fields, across dance floors, and behind camera lenses. Each student must participate in two seasons of extracurricular activities every year. 

With over 17 varsity options to choose from, the elite, competitive athlete is in good company here. Students can learn a competitive sport for the first time, too, accessing JV and IIIs level options. And for some of our brightest scholars, the Math Team is the ideal venue for competition.

Many students use extracurricular activities to stay healthy - mind and body. Whether they take center stage in a dramatic production, or find spiritual balance through yoga, students grow in countless ways outside the classroom. For a list of non-competitive extracurricular activity options, click here

Recognizing our Spring Senior Athletes

Co-Ed Varsity Wrestling 

Senior Alex Stawiecki is the varsity wrestling Knight of the Week. As captain this year, Stawiecki led by example, often being the first to arrive and the last to leave. His 26-10 record led the team and he avenged multiple early season losses, showing his potential. Alex will be missed in the room next year, but thanks to his great leadership, he has paved the way towards more MPrep wrestling success!

Girls’ JV Basketball 

The girls' JV basketball Knight of the Week is Shaylan Cashman '23. Shay has started to show that she is a leader on the court by constantly communicating, and encouraging her teammates. She has become a valuable member of the team because she is always giving her full effort on both ends of the court. Shay is a great teammate that the other girls not only look to for a laugh, but also to lead the way on the court. She is a talented, dedicated, and hard working athlete that embodies the characteristics of Knight of the Week. Congratulations, Shay!

Boys’ JV Basketball 

Lucas Yash '20 is the Knight of the Week for boys’ JV basketball. In two games last week he scored a total of 58 points, including a career-high 32 in a 68-58 win over MacDuffie School. He has averaged close to 20 points per game this season and has played heavy minutes in each game. He has had a tremendous season both offensively and defensively. Congratulations, Lucas!


Co-Ed Varsity Swimming 

Our swimming Knight of the Week is Stephen Canavan '23. As a freshman swimmer, it was great to see Stephen step up during this past meet to race the 500 freestyle. He is a positive influence for the entire team. His "can do" mentality is one we strive to have in all of our swimmers.

Girls’ Varsity Basketball 

Sydney Masciarelli '21 is Girls’ Varsity Basketball Knight of the Week. Sydney is a pivotal leader for the girls' basketball program both in practice and games. Sydney always works hard, and brings an infectious energy to our team that breeds positivity and comradery. 

Boys’ JV Basketball 

Ethan Gosper '20 is the Knight of the Week for JV boys' basketball. An unsung player, he is tenacious on defense and an excellent teammate. Ethan is a talented athlete who has improved his basketball skills noticeably over the last two years. He is a key component to a successful team.


Varsity Wrestling

Varsity wrestling's Knight of the Week is Lucas Rhoads '23. Rhoads has embraced the wrestling culture this year, learning in the process that he has what it takes to be a successful varsity wrestler. Lucas' commitment to getting better each day at practice is evident in his recent EIL tournament 4th place finish. Rhoads has compiled a 14-11 record at 113 pounds and will look to add to that record at this week's home meet. Congratulations Lucas!

Boys' Varsity Basketball

Michael Levesque '21 is the boys’ varsity basketball Knight of the Week. Mike has been developing as one of the strong leaders on the team. He is a positive influence on his teammates during practice and is beginning to perform at a higher level on a game to game basis. Mike is consistently pushing himself and his teammates to improve and be the best players they can be. Great job Michael!

Girls' IIIs Basketball

The Knight of the Week for girls’ III's basketball is Maya Benway '21. Maya has shown tremendous progress over the course of the past several months. She came into the season wanting to learn and has absorbed what we have worked on during our practices. This has resulted in her becoming a force to be reckoned with on the court as a center, earning all of her points within the paint. Maya has scored over 30 points so far this season and has been a strong presence on defense, frequently blocking shots and facilitating rebounds.

Maya has been a consistent source of encouragement for her teammates and we can always count on her to incorporate humor into our practices and games. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to coach an athlete like Maya. She is a fantastic example of what a positive attitude and hard work can accomplish on and off the court. We cannot wait to see Maya continue to develop as a player in the last few weeks of our season. Great work, Maya!

Varsity Co-Ed Indoor Track & Field

Kyle Woodruff '21 is new to the winter track team. Kyle has been a great addition to the team with his outstanding work ethic. Kyle is always up to try new events and improves his times with each race. Kyle found his home with the 55-meter dash and the 300-meter dash. He is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond to improve himself. He has developed into a strong runner. His commitment to the sport makes him one of the week’s Knights of the Week!

Girls' JV Basketball

The girls' JV basketball Knight of the Week is Anna Czechowski '23. She has been an integral part of the girls' JV program's success. On the court, she is a talented player but also is extremely coachable, eager to learn the game, and works hard. When asked, she stepped up to help out the girls' IIIs team, putting the program before herself. She is improving on a daily basis and we are excited to see what she will do in the future.

Boys' IIIs Basketball

Knight of the Week for the boys' IIIs team is Conor Allen '21. Allen was the lead scorer in both of the IIIs matches last week with a combined 32 points. Allen works hard on the court and is aggressive in the paint. He supports his teammates and commits to continuous improvement during practice. During the game it is Allen who gets hit and sometimes thrown to the ground, but he always gets back to his feet and is ready for his next chance to make a difference in the game.

Varsity Swimming

Varsity swimming’s Knight of the Week is Ashley Robert '20. She has pushed herself beyond her limits for the team and has demonstrated strong leadership with new recruits. She is always willing to do what's best for the team. Thank you for your hard work and leadership, Ashley.

Boys' JV Basketball

Connor Murray '20 is the Knight of the Week for boys' JV basketball. Defensively he is a stalwart in both man-to-man and zone situations. He is an excellent rebounder and brings a ton of energy to the floor. On offense, he sets strong screens and has worked hard to develop a solid jump shot. He is an indispensable member of the starting lineup.

Varsity Indoor Track & Field

Abbie O'Brien '23 is a new member of the MPrep track team. Abbie is always up to try new events but has found her home in the one mile and shot put. She is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond to improve herself. She has developed into a strong runner, consistently dropping her PR in the one mile by seven seconds. All of her hard work in the winter has made her stronger for the spring season. Her commitment to the sport makes her this week’s "Knight of the Week!"

Boys' Varsity Basketball

Boys' varsity basketball's Knight of the Week is captain Michael Acquaah-Harrison '20. Michael has been an excellent leader by example on the basketball team. He has contributed to the team’s success on both ends of the court and has continued to improve throughout the season. As a captain, Michael's voice has grown in the locker room and he consistently encourages his teammates to give it their all.

Girls' JV Basketball

The girls' JV basketball Knight of the Week is Ava Fabiano '23. Ava has had a terrific start to the season on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Often times Ava is the defensive spark and helps to provide energy and heart to the team, leading by example. Her effort and selflessness are contagious and push others to do their best. The Knights have had a great start to the season and Ava has had a large role in that. She has tremendous potential and is well-deserving of being named Knight of the Week.

Girls' IIIs Basketball

The Knight of the Week for girls’ III's basketball is Olivia Montione '23. Since the beginning of our season in November, Olivia has demonstrated her passion for the game and her hard-working nature. During our first game of the season, she stepped up as one of our point guards and her tenacious attitude began to shine. Olivia consistently hustles on both ends of the court and motivates her teammates. Whether it is during a practice or during a game, Olivia cheers for her teammates and truly embodies a team player. In addition to being a talented point guard, scoring 41 points so far this season, Olivia is also a motivated defender and looks for key turnover opportunities during games. We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season holds for Olivia. Great work!