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Alumni Achievement Award Nominations

Past Winners

Robert Pratt '68
2023 Recipient

Tom Dodge '73
2022 Recipient

Alumni Achievement Award Winner Joseph Scanzillo '66

Joseph Scanzillo '66
2019 Recipient

Alumni Achievement Award Winner Paul Lango '68

Paul Lango '68
2018 Recipient


The Marianapolis Preparatory School Alumni Association presents the Alumni Achievement Award at Alumni Weekend. 

The Alumni Achievement Awards are presented to alumni who have continued to carry out the School’s mission in their daily lives - displaying strength of character with content, compassion, and integrity.

Because so many younger alumni were nominated in the past, this year, we will be presenting two awards: a Young Alumni Achievement Award for alumni who graduated up to 15 years ago and a Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award for alumni who have graduated 16 or more years ago.

Through professional and academic accomplishments, personal triumphs, or contributions in support of Marianapolis, the recipients will have demonstrated ongoing spiritual and intellectual growth, leadership, appreciation for diversity, respect for others and a commitment to community service.

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