Financial Aid

Marianapolis understands the financial commitment each family contemplates when considering independent school. The Financial Aid Office was established to help make a Marianapolis education more affordable for our families. Tuition assistance in the form of merit scholarships are offered through the Trinity Foundation. All other forms of financial aid are need-based grants. 


Need-Based Financial Aid

In order to apply for need-based financial aid at Marianapolis, families must provide the following:

  • A completed School and Student Services (SSS) Parent Financial Statement (PFS) An electronic version of this form can be completed directly online beginning October 24.  Marianapolis’ school code is 4834.
    • Submission deadline: January 15, 2019
  • Copies of Federal 2017 tax returns and W-2 and/or 1099 forms, including all schedules and attachments, as well as business and farm statements where applicable, should be uploaded directly or sent to SSS by NAIS, PO Box 449, Randolph, MA 02368-0449If you are mailing documents to SSS, please be sure to enclose a cover sheet which can be downloaded and printed from the SSS website.
    • Submission deadline: January 15, 2019
  • Copies of Federal 2018 tax returns and W-2 and/or 1099 forms, including all schedules and attachments as well as business and farm statements where applicable, should be uploaded directly or sent to SSS by April 152019.

Please plan on submitting information for the PFS at least 10 days prior to the school deadline to allow for processing time. Uploading your financial information directly to SSS by NAIS ensures that your personal information remains as confidential as possible and that it is only seen by the Director of Financial Aid and members of the Financial Aid Committee. Please note that awards for new families will not be made until all required tax information and W-2s have been submitted to SSS.

We realize that you are being asked for estimates to your 2018 tax return. The SSS by NAIS customer assistance number is 1-800-344-8328 and is available Monday – Saturday to assist you with how to do this or with any other questions that you may have as you fill out the PFS.

Families are asked to pay attention to all deadlines in order to have priority in this process. 

Divorced/Separated Parents: Each parent is expected to file a PFS and submit tax information to SSS. If the non-custodial parent does not comply with the financial aid process, the application for financial aid may not be processed. The custodial parent may have to supply the financial aid office with documentation of the long-term non-involvement of the non-custodial parent. In the case of remarriage, the assets of the stepparent are also considered, as are the obligations of that stepparent to his or her own natural child(ren). If the child does not reside with the parents, the parents are still expected to participate in the financial aid process. Otherwise, the legal guardians of the child are expected to participate in the financial aid process. Documentation of guardianship should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

For more information on how to fill out the Parent Financial Statement (PFS), please see: 

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Family Guide to Financial Aid

2019-20 PFS Workbook for Families

Families are asked to re-apply for financial aid each year of their child’s enrollment.

Trinity Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the Trinity Foundation offers merit-based scholarships to newly enrolled 9th grade day students. Scholarships will be awarded to those students with academic excellence (as illustrated by classroom achievement), exemplary teacher recommendations, and a high entrance exam score. Further consideration will be given to extracurricular activities and to the student essay. To be eligible, a student must meet the deadlines and requirements outlined here:

By November 10, 2018:

  • Take the Marianapolis Entrance Exam

By January 15, 2019:

  • Submit the student and parent section of the online application, including the essay. 
  • Have interviewed or scheduled a student and parent interview with our Admission Office.
  • Submit the most recent school transcript.
  • Submit the required three letters of recommendation.

Norwich Diocesan Grants

The Norwich Diocese provides tuition credits to defer tuition costs. To be eligible, a family must be a registered, active, and contributing member of a parish community within the Norwich, CT diocese. Your pastor must submit a letter attesting to the family’s status each year of enrollment at Marianapolis. This grant is renewed annually through the Norwich Diocese and is not guaranteed by Marianapolis Preparatory School.

​​​​​​​Submission deadline: January 15, 2019

Notification of Awards

New families who have met both the application and financial aid process by the deadlines should expect a financial aid award concurrent with the admission decision.

Reenrolling families who have met all deadlines can expect financial aid awards to be posted to their parent portal by late February 2019. Families are asked to send back an acceptance of their award so that it can be applied to their child’s account. 

There are some instances when a family who is eligible for financial assistance may be put on a financial aid wait list due to the limitations of Marianapolis’ financial aid resources. Families placed on the financial aid wait list will be reviewed once funds become available.

Payment Plans

Marianapolis Preparatory School contracts with Smart Tuition to provide two payment options for families. These options include a one-time payment, or semi-annual payments. If you require an additional payment plan, please contact the Business Office regarding your options. Please contact Phyllis Durand in the Business Office for more information about enrollment.

Loans & Other Resources

Sometimes schools cannot meet the entire financial need of a family. Loans are a resource to make up the gap between what a family can do and the school's financial aid award. SSS by NAIS lists a number of tuition loan programs on their website. Other lenders include Sallie Mae and Your Tuition also lists a number of lenders as well.

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