Shadow Day and Interview Tips from the Admission Team!

As we approach the month of December, our Application Deadline of January 15, 2020 is right around the corner! We have enthusiastically welcomed students to campus for Shadow Days and tours during these past several months. As we continue to host visitors and meet with prospective students, we thought that it might be helpful to share some general interview and Shadow Day tips!

#1 Be Curious and Ask Questions!

Whether it be during an interview or during a Shadow Day, be sure to ask lots of questions. Visiting campus is a way for you to meet students and teachers and truly get to know a community. Our Ambassadors who host prospective students for an academic day love to answer questions and they enjoy sharing information about our school. Similarly, our admission representatives expect visitors to ask questions and it helps us understand what a student is interested in. We strive to provide a family with all of the information they need so we always say that there can never be too many questions!

#2 Be Prepared!

Being mindful of the dress code, thinking of questions ahead of time and being aware of programs specific to a school are all ways to arrive prepared for your visit! Prior to a student arriving on campus, we inform families of our dress code so that a prospective student can dress accordingly and have a true Marianapolis student experience. Leading up to a visit, it would be beneficial to do some research and understand what programs and extracurriculars are offered at a school. For instance, at Marianapolis, we have signature programs such as the Centers of Excellence Program, LEAP Week, and the EL program. It would be prudent for a student to understand what is offered so that they can better outline their reasons for looking at a particular institution and form specific questions based on the information that they have already collected.

#3 Be Present!

While it is reasonable that a student would feel nervous when visiting a new place and speaking to people that they do not know, try to soak up every moment! Our Ambassadors, community members, and admission representatives want to ensure that each of our visitors feels welcome. Remember that everyone is excited to meet you and wants you to enjoy your visit!

#4 Be Yourself!

Each person is unique and brings their own individual attributes. We want to get to know you and not hear what you think we want to hear! Is there a particular hobby you enjoy? Do you have a favorite type of book/show/movie? What are you excited to learn about? Our admission team wants to get to know you for who you are and your talents and interests.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!