A Student Ambassador's Perspective: My Journey to Marianapolis!

Dominika, a 9th-grade Ambassador from Massachusetts, spent time reflecting on her experiences of applying to and selecting a high school last year. Read on to find out what ultimately led her to choose Marianapolis and become a Golden Knight!

As I began to near the end of my middle school career just last year, I could not believe high school was the next thing I would soon embark on. The thought was frightening as so many students older than I would always mention high school being far scarier than middle school. As I pondered the thought of high school being so frightening, I realized that fear was not the emotion taking over my mind, but rather excitement. I could never really tell why I felt this way until I stepped foot onto the Marianapolis campus. I had been open to many options when it came to selecting which school I would choose to embrace my future in. Marianapolis was one of these schools and I quickly discovered what set it apart from the others. 

I attended many of the Marianapolis events that were offered, such as Open House and Revisit Day. Most importantly, I participated in a Shadow Day where I was able to experience the life of a Marianapolis day student. During my visit, I was welcomed with smiles from strangers, both day and international students. I experienced classes that I never thought could be so engaging, and I met faculty that were excited to introduce themselves to me. I am more than happy to say that not much has changed since I joined the Marianapolis community, except for the fact that over time, I have been able to build even more amazing relationships with the faculty and students here. I joined my first club at Marianapolis, known as Ambassador Club, and am partaking in dance and gymnastics this year. I am part of the Student Council and serve as the Freshman Class Vice President. I also recently filled out an application to take on even more leadership positions next year. I continue to be open to the opportunities that our diverse community has to offer, and cannot wait to see what the next few years have in store for me at Marianapolis!