A Parent Ambassador's Perspective: 5 Reasons to Choose Marianapolis!

When asked to describe the value of an MPrep education, one of our amazing Parent Ambassadors, Jane Hanrahan, composed the piece below. Read on to discover the five reasons to choose Marianapolis!

As parents, we want to provide the best for our children especially when it comes to education. As we search for the best education environment, many families choose an independent school for the small class sizes, innovative curriculum, and high academic standards. Here are five of the many reasons to choose Marianapolis!

1. Small Class Size

Students learn best when they are acknowledged and included in the classroom. Marianapolis values small class sizes in order for teachers to provide individual attention to each student.

 2. Excellent Teachers

At Marianapolis, teachers are experts in their fields and have a passion for education. Our teachers work to nourish each student’s growth by challenging them in the classroom, keeping communication open, teaching students self-advocacy skills and fostering a love for learning.

3. High Academic Standards

The coursework at Marianapolis is rigorous and encourages high academic standards. Many students at Marianapolis seek out additional academic challenges, through Honors classes, AP courses and our Centers of Excellence program all of which prepare them for higher education.

4. Inclusiveness

Marianapolis celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive community. Making meaningful connections in the school community is important to students’ intellectual and social growth.

5. Education for the Whole Child

Marianapolis seeks to educate the “whole child” through our arts programs, our athletic competitions, leadership experiences, and community service activities. Our extra-curricular programs promote students’ intellectual development, character development, and help shape them into extraordinary people.