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Travel Abroad

Every year, current Marianapolis students have the ability to take their education abroad during Spring Break. The Marianapolis Travel Abroad Program builds students’ character through enriching educational tours that promote cultural discovery and foster responsible global citizenship. These tours challenge students to build independence and develop intercultural competence as they engage with distinct cultures from around the world, encouraging students to critically think about their own experiences and compassionately consider the experiences of others.

2024 Trip

Grecian Odyssey

Embark on an odyssey to the Greek Islands. Students will experience the history and culture of this ancient and modern land. Athens will be our first destination. Students will climb to the Acropolis, visit the Olympic stadium, and explore food and shopping in the Plaka district. The trip then heads north to Delphi to consult the oracle and south to the Peloponnese, to the land of the Spartans. The final leg of our journey will be a three-day cruise around the Cyclades. Beautiful Mykonos and Santorini will no doubt be a highlight of this maritime adventure. Students will engage in ancient history, learn how to cook in the Greek style and enjoy the wonderful warm climate of the Mediterranean on this Marianapolis Abroad trip. Registration is closed

2025 Trips

Grecian Odyssey

In Italy, you can travel through thousands of years of history to witness some of humankind’s most transformative moments. Ancient Roman advances in engineering made the Colosseum possible. At the Duomo in Renaissance Florence, the world took its first steps out of the Dark Ages. And Venice’s Grand Canal was at the heart of one of the world’s great naval powers.

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Costa Rica

With well-protected national reserves and an unparalleled diversity of wildlife, Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America. The Arenal region showcases a volcano, hot springs, and a broad range of flora and fauna. In Monteverde, tour the greenery of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest, then in Manuel Antonio National Park, keep your eyes open for sloths, toucans, and howler monkeys.

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Planned Future Destinations

These destinations are posted for informational purposes and may change due to program needs.

2026 Trips

Grecian Odyssey
Costa Rica

2027 Trips

Grecian Odyssey
Costa Rica

Past Trips

Students in Australia
Group of students in Japan for Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Germany for Travel Abroad 2017
Students in China 2016
Students in Peru
Group of students in Spain for Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Greece for Travel Abroad 2017
Ireland & United Kingdom
Students in Dublin 2016
Students in Portugal
Group of students in Thailand for LEAP and Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Italy for Travel Abroad 2017