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Travel Abroad

Every year, current Marianapolis students have the ability to take their education abroad during Spring Break. 
The Marianapolis Travel Abroad Program builds students’ character through enriching educational tours that promote cultural discovery and foster responsible global citizenship. These tours challenge students to build independence and develop intercultural competence as they engage with distinct cultures from around the world, encouraging students to critically think about their own experiences and compassionately consider the experiences of others.

2022 Trips

Costa Rica and Panama

Snorkeling and ziplining, kayaking and whitewater rafting, sipping fruit smoothies while bathing in hot springs. These are just a few experiences that we'll have as we head to beautiful Costa Rica and Panama. Learn about the ecological splendor of this region and visit Monkey Island in Lake Gatun, an instrumental section of the Panama Canal. Hike to the base of the exquisite La Fortuna waterfall and bathe in its pools. Costa Rica and Panama offer unparalleled natural beauty, limitless biodiversity, and staggering technical advances from the Canal itself to Costa Rica's commitment to renewable energy sources. Reach out to Dr. Parodi-Brown (jparodi@marianapolis.org) with any questions about this amazing tropical tour.

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Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Travel from the peaks of the Alpine mountains to the Rhine River Valley for spring break 2022! Be inspired by the beautiful architecture of the medieval cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. We will travel through the Tyrol region and view the pristine lakes and snowy peaks of Switzerland. Travel back in time to noble Heidelberg and Neuschwanstein castles. We will also learn the history of the Holocaust and visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. This tour will be a combination of extraordinary landscapes, picturesque cities, and fun and excitement! Grab your passport and get ready to stamp Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein into the pages and into your hearts! If you have any questions, waltz or yodel at Mr. Gustavson in STJ3 or email him at agustavson@marianapolis.org Auf wiedersehen!   

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Join us for the tropical adventure of a lifetime as we explore the Andaman coast of Thailand spring 2022! Besides enjoying the picture-perfect views of the sea and stunning beach sunsets, we will be learning and discovering the local way of life through homestays with local families. We will have the chance to learn some Thai, partake in local arts are crafts and even cook authentic Thai food with the members of our host community! We will go snorkeling in the pristine turquoise water of the Andaman Sea and marvel at some of the world’s richest coral reefs. We will journey away from the coast to explore KhaoSok National Park, and discover the jungle wildlife through ranger-lead safaris both by day and by night! Our last few days will be spent in the Floating Bungalows of Cheow Lan Lake surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and jungle-clad hills, where we will swim, kayak, fish and relax while listening to the buzz of the jungle around us. All of this and more will be accomplished with the goal of sustainable, eco-based tourism where the only thing we leave behind is our new friends and fantastic memories. To  view a sample itinerary, please click here. If this sounds like paradise to you and you would like to find out more please email Ms. Chojnacki at mchojnacki@marianapolis.org or Mrs. Benedict at jbenedict@marianapolis.org

To view the trip presentation, please click here. The approximate cost of this trip is $3,600 with several payment options. 

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