Travel Abroad

Every year, current Marianapolis students have the ability to take their education abroad during Spring Break. 
The Marianapolis Travel Abroad Program builds students’ character through enriching educational tours that promote cultural discovery and foster responsible global citizenship. These tours challenge students to build independence and develop intercultural competence as they engage with distinct cultures from around the world, encouraging students to critically think about their own experiences and compassionately consider the experiences of others.

2020 Trips

Travel from the peaks of the Alpine mountains to the Rhine River Valley for Spring Break 2020! Be inspired by the beautiful architecture of the medieval cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. We will travel through the Tyrol region and view the pristine lakes and snowy peaks of Switzerland. Travel back in time to noble Heidelberg and Neuschwanstein castles. We will also learn the history of the Holocaust and visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. This tour will be a combination of extraordinary landscapes, picturesque cities, and fun and excitement! Grab your passport and get ready to stamp Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein into the pages and into your hearts! If you have any questions, waltz or yodel at Mr. Gustavson in STJ3 or email him at Auf wiedersehen!

From the Gothic Notre Dame and the stunning stained glass of the Sainte Chapelle through the iconic palace of the legendary French court, Versaille and papal palaces of Auvignon to Gaudí's unique Sagrada Familia and colorful Parc Guell, diversity rules on this multi-faceted exploration. In Paris, the Louvre wows you with the vastness of its collection, while in Barcelona the Picasso museum provides a more focused experience. Notre Dame Cathedral and La Sagrada Familia's surreal façade are both unforgettable in their own distinct ways. Picturesque Provence adds yet another perspective. See Mr. Parodi-Brown or email him at with any questions.

Past Trips

Students in Australia
Group of students in Japan for Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Germany for Travel Abroad 2017
Students in China 2016
Students in Peru
Group of students in Spain for Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Greece for Travel Abroad 2017
Ireland & United Kingdom
Students in Dublin 2016
Students in Portugal
Group of students in Thailand for LEAP and Travel Abroad 2018
Group of students in Italy for Travel Abroad 2017