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Travel Abroad

2023 Trip!

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

The Marianapolis trip to Central Europe includes visits to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Students will explore the cities of Vienna, Lucerne, and Munich. Students will experience the Glockenspiel in Munich, in the spectacular Alpine mountains of Switzerland, at the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein, the images and atmosphere conjure up ancient stories and fables. Modern and medieval history will be a focus of the trip and students will develop a deeper understanding of past Germanic identities up to the contemporary understanding of what it means to be European in the 21st century.

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Every year, current Marianapolis students have the ability to take their education abroad during Spring Break. 
The Marianapolis Travel Abroad Program builds students’ character through enriching educational tours that promote cultural discovery and foster responsible global citizenship. These tours challenge students to build independence and develop intercultural competence as they engage with distinct cultures from around the world, encouraging students to critically think about their own experiences and compassionately consider the experiences of others.

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