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Being a one-to-one device school enhances the learning environment and allows for the adaptation of teaching methods in an increasingly digital world, encouraging collaboration, and providing the most up-to-date information quicker and easier. You will develop digital citizenship skills and actively enhance a positive school culture that supports safe and responsible technology use. To that end, students are expected to equip themselves with all essential tools including a device. This term broadly refers to any mobile or portable device able to support the multiple apps and technology implemented here at Marianapolis. iPads, Android tablets, Windows laptops, and Apple laptops are all such acceptable devices for all courses and learning.

In addition to the traditional classroom environment, the school has built a library of online courses for its students. In true preparation for college, each student takes at least one online class before graduation. Some online courses, like SAT Prep or Mastering the College Essay, are designed to supplement the standard curriculum with skill-specific instruction necessary for college placement. Others, like The American Civil War, allow students with a particular passion to maximize immersion in their discipline of choice. And others still are designed to tackle term- and year-long courses through concentrated, thematic study. 

Clubs and organizations at Marianapolis also allow students to explore engineering, coding, device repair, and more. Students in the Robotics Club build machines and compete throughout the school year against peer schools. The Tech Crew, on the other hand, stays on-site to support the repair of software or devices for faculty and students alike.