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Online Learning

Marianapolis is committed to providing students a top-tier college preparatory education. To stay competitive with the expectations of universities around the globe, MPrep offers class instruction through the virtual platform. By prioritizing personalized instruction and immersing students in a blended curricular approach, Marianapolis equips students with the tools essential for success in an ever-evolving academic climate. Most importantly, the innovative Online Learning Program (OLP) gives students 1:1 access to Marianapolis faculty, curricula, and live instruction.

Because online literacy is such a vital aspect of Marianapolis’ pedagogy, the program is accessed by one third of MPrep students in any given year. The Online Learning department has full- and part-time teachers and administration ready to support the needs of its students year-round. Coursework is available in the fall, spring, and summer terms, with opportunities for advancement and enrichment. Some offerings include high-demand traditional courses like United States History; because all online classes feature Marianapolis curricula and instructors, these courses provide unique perspective on American culture. Other classes foster a competitive edge for non-native English speakers, with content ranging from Analytical Writing to SAT Preparation. And elective offerings highlight the robust diversity of western education, providing selections in everything from Psychology to Business Management. Like Marianapolis’ small classes on campus, online courses feature a 1:8 teacher to student ratio. While students may choose to access one or two courses for the immersive experience, the scope of the MPrep catalog is sophisticated enough to help online scholars earn diploma distinctions as well. 

Why choose MPrep for online courses and a diploma track?

A student presents their science fair project to classmates and a panel of judges. 

The OLP has been developed in the spirit of Marianapolis’ innovative, dynamic educational tradition. With nearly a century of experience in preparing students to meet the challenge of their world, our online platform is an extention of our extraordinary community. 

Key differentiators include but are not limited to the following:

  • MPrep is differentiated from other online programs because it allows the instructor to make crucial, formative assessments during live discussions, lectures, group collaboration, and project based learning.
  • MPrep’s OLP classes and learning platform give students the opportunity to lead the learning with a teacher to provide live feedback. This kinesthetic learning style is often neglected both in larger in-person class settings and most online learning programs. (Example: student demonstrates how they are formatting their paper using MLA guidelines on Microsoft Word/Google Docs while sharing their screen during office hours; the teacher can both evaluate and provide live feedback.)
  • MPrep’s OLP provides a rich diagnostic protocol that includes oral and written assessments. This allows for a more robust formative and summative review for the individual student. Most online programs neglect diagnostic assessments because they are not tracking the individual student’s growth.
  • Genuine care and concern is felt by teachers for their students; real, meaningful connections are formed virtually, equivalent to the online teacher being physically present in the student’s life.
  • The OLP Team is capable of quickly assessing and customizing a student’s course of study based on testing and transcripts.
  • OLP diploma graduates are enthusiastically welcomed into MPrep’s Alumni Association -- a lifelong enriching membership and network.

OLP’s Three Academic Tracks and Students Seeking a Credited Course

In addition to students taking individual or clusters of online courses, there are three academic course pathways within the OLP. With “Enrichment” courses, students do not earn any academic credit, but instead enhance their understanding and skills needed for future classes. The online literature and Book Club classes partner with schools and fall under the enrichment umbrella. Additional enrichment classes include the SAT Prep Course, Mastering the College Essay, among others designed to strengthen students’ skills. Students select  “Advancement” courses to earn credit to get ahead in their studies. The Joint and International Diploma Programs (see descriptions below), a revolutionary partnership between Marianapolis and partner schools, fall into the advancement category. Lastly, “Reinforcement” offerings are for students seeking to earn credit by making up or improving their grade in a course. While this sometimes takes the form of a full course, more often it presents as an intensive version designed to bring a student’s skill level from just-passing to highly proficient. Students seeking a credited course will need to cross-check with their academic administrators at their respective schools to ensure MPrep’s curriculum meets all requirements.

The tracks

  • The Joint Diploma program is designed to allow students to attend their current school and join Marianapolis faculty and students for core and elective courses. The Joint Diploma is virtual in design and relies solely on the online platform; both partner schools agree to award the Joint Diploma. Transcripts are jointly developed. Students are welcome to join the Marianapolis community for a semester and/or over a break period when Marianapolis is in session. There are reasonable fees associated for a multiple week visit and immersion.
  • The International Diploma Program requires online work in addition to students living on campus for one year and/or two semesters (not necessarily concurrent). The International Diploma track offers students an immersion into American and school culture. The International Diploma and student transcripts will be generated by Marianapolis with support from the partner school.
  •  The Full-Time Online Diploma Program requires students to take a full traditional course load. This program does not require a partner school. Students need to meet all academic requirements similar to those classmates attending classes on campus. Summer Session Online and customized coursework throughout the traditional academic year are designed and offered to students. Student transcripts and the diploma, upon the successful completion of required coursework, are generated by Marianapolis.

Meet the Team

Jane Hanrahan

Jane Hanrahan

Director of Online Learning
Director of Online Learning, Faculty & Staff Advisor
B.S., Emmanuel College
M.Ed, Providence College
Jennie Benedict

Jennie Benedict

Social Sciences & Business Department Chair, LMS Academic Coordinator, Online Academic Dean
Social Sciences Department Chair, LMS Academic Coordinator, Academic Dean for Online Learning
MA, Sociology, University of New Hampshire
BA, Sociology and Social Rehabilitation Services, Assumption College
Evan Hill

Evan Hill

Dean of Students for Online Learning
B.A., Dartmouth College
M.S., University of Florida
Pamela Ruff

Pamela Ruff

Dean of Faculty for Online Learning
B.A., Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA
M.Ed., Educational Leadership and Management, Fitchburg State University