Centers of Excellence

Marianapolis strives to prepare our students for all aspects of college life and beyond. We want our students to grow into successful individuals and contributing citizens to the global community. As a result, Marianapolis has created platforms and channels for our students to stand out to college admissions boards and have the strongest opportunity for success: The Ninth Grade Experience and The Centers of Excellence (COE).

   Ninth Grade Experience

Marianapolis believes that the preparation of students to be prepared for college and life after Marianapolis begins the second students step on campus their freshman year. The Ninth Grade experience will teach freshmen the skills needed to succeed not only at Marianapolis but for the rest of their academic career. The Casimir Seminar and the Humanities course combined, focus on building skills that students can use in their day-to-day lives such as critical thinking, communication, and cross-curricular learning. 

Building off of the skills obtained in The Ninth Grade Experience, sophomores will have the option to enroll in one of three Centers- Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement & Service, and Innovation. The COE were created with the idea of giving students the opportunity to gain more practical experience while allowing them to become globally engaged in a specific focal area in addition to the traditional education model.  Each of the Centers will embark on a unique course curriculum focused on the area of study of their chosen Center, engage in a three-week supervised internship, and complete a senior capstone project, among other requirements. Students who have successfully completed the program, in addition to the standardized graduation requirements, will receive a specialized diploma at graduation.

Civic Engagement & Service

The goal of the Civic Engagement & Service Center is to provide a rigorous program of study for students that will enable them to become more informed, discerning, engaged, and active citizens within their communities. Students enrolled in this Center will learn to analyze civic concepts such as order, sovereignty, authority, principle, common good, freedom, responsibility, service, individual rights, and participation. In addition, students will learn, develop, and practice their public/civic skills, such as deliberation, debate, speech, research, and communication to perform public service. Examples of courses in this Center include Civic Engagement, Legal Studies, Global Government, Statistics, and Sociology.

Business & Entrepreneurship

The goal of the Business & Entrepreneurship Center is to provide a rigorous program of study for students that will enable them to gain and practice the interpersonal, analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills that will help to ensure productivity in the global business environment of the 21st century. Students will learn about the roles of various business enterprise stakeholders including customers, employees, managers, creditors, owners, and stockholders. Students will be exposed to the basic standards and metrics of financial planning, budgeting, accounting, and profit margins that are used to evaluate the success of a business model. Examples of courses in this Center include Business & Entrepreneurship, Legal Studies, Global Markets, Money & Trade, and Macroeconomics.


In the Innovation Center, students can either focus on Computer Science or Engineering. The goal of the Center is to provide a rigorous program of study for students that will empower them to creatively analyze and solve problems through developing technical expertise, utilize new methodologies and innovations in their approach to problem solving, practice collaboration, persevere, take calculated risks, and learn from failure. Students will enhance their teamwork skills using technology to research, produce, and present ideas and applications for solving problems. Students will use mathematical, scientific, technological, and engineering concepts to articulate a practical issue, challenge, or problem and explore and utilize the methods and tools of discovery and invention. Sample courses in this Center include Design Principles, Programming I, Modeling for Problem Solving, AP® Computer Science Principles, Engineering & Design, Pre Calculus/Calculus, AP® Computer Science A, and AP® Physics.