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Centers of Excellence

Marianapolis strives to prepare our students for all aspects of college life and beyond. We are committed to helping each student grow into a successful individual as well as a contributing citizen within the global community. To that end, Marianapolis has created two targeted platforms that help empower our students to stand out within college admissions processes: The Ninth Grade Experience and The Centers of Excellence (COE).

   Ninth Grade Experience

At Marianapolis, preparation for college begins the moment students step on campus freshman year. The Ninth Grade Experience focuses on fostering academic and life skills needed to succeed at Marianapolis and beyond. The Casimir Seminar and the Humanities courses make up the Ninth Grade Experience. In each, the concentration is on building skills that students can use in day-to-day life, such as critical thinking, communication, and cross-curricular learning.  Ultimately, the goal is that students will depart the Ninth Grade Experience with a comprehensive understanding of high school expectations, a confident approach to time management, and a genuine enthusiasm for making connections between course content curriculum-wide.

   Centers of Excellence

Subsequent to completing the Ninth Grade Experience, sophomores have the option to enroll in one of four academic centers: Business & Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Social Justice, or Health Science. The Centers of Excellence were created to facilitate hands-on, practical experience in a concentrated area of study, while retaining global engagement with the traditional curricular path. Students in each of the Centers access a uniquely curated curriculum, engage in a three-week supervised internship, and complete a senior capstone project, among other core requirements. Students who successfully complete the program in addition to the standard graduation requirements receive a specialized diploma at graduation.