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Academic Resources

Photo of Michelle Drew, Academic Resource Advisor

Academic Resource Advisor

The Academic Resource Advisor is available to students with demonstrated learning needs and assists them in navigating and coordinating the academic resources at Marianapolis. The Advisor supports student development of executive functioning skills, including time management, organization, and self advocacy. One tool that develops and reinforces these skills is Canvas, our online learning management system. The Academic Resource Advisor is available to meet with students individually, with their advisor, with their parents, or in small groups.


Advisors play many different roles including counselor, advocate, communicator, academic coach, disciplinarian, crisis manager, friend, and partner. Advisories meet twice a week and are grade-level based. Advisory time is dedicated to monitoring the progress of students, identifying issues, and delivering curriculum such as goal setting, study planning, and social topic discussions. Advisors communicate with parents once a month to update them on their child’s progress, or more if necessary. Advisors become involved in the life of each student and come to care about that student’s growth and development.

Students have the opportunity to continue their courses of study through the innovative Summer Session Online program. Participants can choose courses to complete course requisites in advance, study a particular discipline at an accelerated rate, or meet graduation requirements on time. Reinforcement courses are available for students to maintain and retain concepts over the summer months.

Office Hours

Office Hours occur 5 times per week and offer the opportunity for students to receive extra help with an assignment, further understand a topic prior to a test, or seek clarification on something they learned in class that day.

Peer to Peer Tutors

The Peer-to-Peer Tutors are student volunteers who are available during study hall periods to aid their fellow peers in a variety of academic areas. The tutors post their areas of proficiency for all study hall students to see during their designated period. Students can then, without any previous registration, enter the tutoring room for extra assistance. Tutors are available in all areas of mathematics, science, and modern language. In addition, tutoring is available in critical reading, analytical and critical writing, and music theory.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is staffed by student volunteers daily. This group of accomplished writing peers are available to help go through any piece of writing that students bring them, with an eye to editing and improving it. Students are encouraged to bring their rough drafts, get help with editing, get explanations of teacher expectations, and, ultimately, earn better grades.

Math & Science Lab

The Math & Science Lab is a peer tutoring center with a focus on these two areas. It is available on a daily basis. Students help one another complete homework assignments, correct wrong answers on assessments, and convey math and science concepts in ways to help students understand.