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Knights of the Week - 9/25/16

Sabrina Godin '18

Sabrina Godin is the true role model of the motto 'whatever it takes'.  She was asked to play a new position this year for volleyball and in her first year on the varsity squad she starts as the team's libero.  She sacrifices her body day in and day out to make sure no ball hits the floor in the back row.  Coach Moore describes her as "a hardworking, energetic, giving, courageous, and fearless young woman who always has a smile on her face".  This week's volleyball Knight of the Week is Sabrina Godin. Congratulations Sabrina!

Jacob LaFiandra '17

The captain of a sports team is someone who leads by example, supports all their teammates, is positive, and always tries his hardest.  These are some of the characteristics that Jacob LaFiandra embodies as the captain of the boys' cross country team.  His coaches added, "Jacob LaFiandra has been outstanding this year in terms of sportsmanship".  Setting an example for not only his teammates, but the entire athletic community has earned Jacob this week's Knight of the Week award. Congratulations Jacob!