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Knights of the Week - 5/7/18

Pannawat Chauychoo '20

Pannawat has been a wonderful addition to Marianapolis’ JV golf team this year. Pannawat clearly has raw talent and has steadily improved over the course of the season, exhibiting a desire to be coached and the diligence to work on the issues that prevent him from being as good as he wants to be. He is also a very cheerful and kind young man, and we look forward to his future with the MPrep golf program. 

Garret Hippert '21

This week’s Knight of the Week goes to freshman Garret Hippert. Garret has been an absolute work horse all season. As he is the only catcher for JV baseball, the team truly relies on him. He works tirelessly behind the plate day in and day out, and never complains. He loves the game, and is always looking to improve. It’s truly an inspiration watching this young man as he grows and develops. The dedication and enthusiasm he possesses is profound. Garret shows us all what it means to be an MPrep Knight! 

Julia Kilroy '20

Julia Kilroy gives 100% all the time at both practice and in games for girls' varsity lacrosse. Her incredible skill and speed as a player has earned her a regular starting position as a sophomore on a varsity team. Not only is she one of the best players, she is incredibly positive and upbeat all the time! She never lets a bad day seep onto the field. She leaves it on the bench and gives it her all.

Shelton Mudzingwa '19

Shelton Mudzingwa is highly deserving of the Knight of the Week Award for boys' varsity lacrosse, as he truly exemplifies the qualities that the lacrosse team strives for. A new recruit to the team, Shelton leads by example by working hard on and off the field in all that he does. He is a great role model to the younger boys on the team, is extremely coachable, and works to get better every day. He puts in plenty of effort by having his stick around him whenever he gets a chance and has embraced the sport with passion. Shelton wears the M on his chest proudly and is a great demonstration of what Marianapolis lacrosse really means.