Knights of the Week - 4/9/17

Isabelle Boria '18

Isabelle Boria '18 is a player that a coach loves to have on their team. As a leader, Belle's commitment to the team and hard work day in and day out, have shown the younger players what it takes to be a successful varsity softball player. Her ability to be a versatile player and willingness to do what is best for the team have allowed her to play multiple positions and learn new skills as an all around softball player. She is extremely coachable and her eagerness to get better is contageous with the other players. She has had a great start to the season and will continue to do so. Congratulations Belle for being named "Knight of the Week"!

Max Underhill '18 

Max Underhill '18 is a consummate professional that is always looking to get better and help his team do so as well. His willingness to "run through a brick wall" for his ultimate frisbee teammates has made him a great leader for the younger players.  Max constantly brings great energy and work ethic to the team. As a leader, he is always acknowledging how hard others are working and encourages them to be their best. Max is a valuable team member for ultimate frisbee and  is this week's "Knight of the Week". Congratulations Max!

Kathryn Hauver '18

Kathryn Hauver '18 has helped to set the tone for the girls' varsity lacrosse season. Her positive leadership has helped to encourage her teammates to try their hardest and put their full effort into everything that they do.  She is a positive leader in practices as well as games. Even when times get tough, she never backs down from a challenge and instead will face it head on and try even harder. Kathryn has had a great start to the season and will continue to help the team grow as they strive for success. She is well deserving of being named this week's "Knight of the Week". Congratulations!