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Knights of the Week - 4/24/18

Nora Ilacqua '18

Nora, co-captain and 4-year varsity tennis player, has opened her senior season by going undefeated at #2 Singles. Her stunning 8-1 win over Worcester Academy powered the Lady Knights this past Saturday, who nearly pulled off the improbable upset. Nora has embodied what the Golden Knight captain should be: fierce, loyal, competitive and honorable. Nora Ilacqua works as hard as anyone.

Ian Martin '21

Through his own journey to learn the game, Ian has been an incredible embodiment of the very best of the Marianapolis community. He is patient, polite, incredibly easy to coach, and a positive force even on the most dreary days on the course. We look forward to Ian’s continued involvement and growth with the Marianapolis Golf program.

Hans Sydow-Lopez '18

Hans has won six consecutive singles matches at the top singles position for boys' varsity tennis. He has given his best effort at all times, he respects all his teammates and coaches, and he continues to demonstrate exceptional skill and sportsmanship on the courts.

John Walsh '18

We select John "Jack" Walsh for his unwavering commitment to the Varsity Golf team and for his always sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the course. Jack, while not a frequent varsity player in years past, has come into his own this season.

Xuyan "Ivy" Xiu '18

She has been consistently working hard at practice, even staying late to continue to work on her badminton skills. She also did a great job in her debut girls' doubles match taking home a win for the Knights!