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Knights of the Week - 2/12/17

Marley Blommers '17 

As a senior captain, Marley Blommers plays an integral role in the success of the boys' varsity basketball team.  He works extremely hard to get better each day in practice as well as does a great job in helping his teammates get better. As a leader, he pushes the younger players to reach their full potential and gives them a positive role model to look up to. According to his coach, Marley "has really grown as a leader throughout the year and is playing the best basketball during an important part of the season".  Marley has been named this week's "Knight of the Week. Congratulations!

James Olivieri '20

Brand new to the sport, James Olivieri '20 came out for the swim team uncertain of what to expect and how he would fare.  He persevered through the first few weeks of practice, which are always grueling for a new swimmer.  James finished every practice with a smile on his face, willing to come back for more!  Fast forward to the present day, and James has solidified his specialty event: the 50 yard freestyle sprint.  With excellent form and impressive speed, James is a strong contender at meets in the 50 free.  In addition to his strength in the water, James brings a lighthearted spirit to the team and lots of laughs.  Always ready to learn more and push himself harder, James is very deserving of this title of this week's "Knight of the Week"!  Congratulations, James.